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    I am moving to Lewes with two boys. One to start year 2 in Sep and the other Reception.
    Any advice in all aspects of this move, very much appreciated.
    Thank you!


    Lewes is a great place with good transport links to brighton and london

    Not so easy to get to eastbourne by bus

    not sure what you want to know but lots going on and around lewes and the school’s are pretty good as well but
    read the ofsted reports.

    job prospects are sometimes limited in lewes and the south east as many are self employed

    not sure what you would like to know ?



    A Twitter contact has also asked:

    “would like to know more to help? State school? Live in town? Interests?”


    Someone else on Twitter has commented:

    “Lewes is lovely but limited bus links are’nt great, good schools around but a car is needed”



    Lewes has reasonable transport links, I correct a previous poster, you can infact get a train from Lewes to Rye which stops at Eastbourne. Trains to Brighton are quite frequent… Bus wise yea a bit limited the 28 29 i think to Brighton and tunbridge wells… There are community buses also. The 128 from Lewes to Newhaven infrequent thou.
    Most schools in Lewes are great, although the only one i have experience with as my daughter went there is Iford and kingston , nestled just outside lewes. such a sought after school, youd be lucky to get your child a place in there….. like to plug that i run a removals company in sussex.. any questions thanks joe http://www.sussexremovals.com



    Hi Amy,

    I hope you settled in Lewes now.

    But if anyoneelse looking to move into lewes feel free to contact us.




    Hi Amy

    Hope all well?
    Lewes is a great little town to live in, We have moved so many of our customers to Lewes and understand everything that is required when moving.

    Kind Regards

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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