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    Hi there, I’m looking to get a new kitchen made. I live near Salisbury and I’m not sure where to start. Do I go to a big company or private family business or do I find a cabinet maker who can do it all for me. Does anyone have any tips. I don’t have an enormous budget but equally I don’t want a cheap kitchen as it needs to last. It’s a one off project!!



    We have just redone our kitchen ourselves and the best advice I could offer is this:

    Get the carcases and doors from Wickes – assemble the carcases yourself and glue EVERYTHING – they will last for years!
    Nice door handles from the internet – loads of options
    Worktop – – utterly amazing
    Tiles – Marlborough Tiles – not cheap but look fantastic



    We got ours from Howdens which was half the price and better quality than B&Q. Also try Homebase and Wren kitchens. It’s worth getting several quotes and then haggling down the price on your favourite!!



    Hello – a friend has just had a kitchen made by Closa ( & said amazing value and quality. they’re between Chippenham & Devizes I think so not too far from you. Have a look at the website anyway, looks like good stuff! She also recommended MyKitchen in Corsham as a slightly cheaper option.



    Hi there
    We live in Sherborne and just had a Howdens kitchen fitted in an investment property by a local fitter who also does his own kitchens and is a cabinet maker by trade. I think he is based in Salisbury but may be worth a try to see if he knows someone local to you. Happy to give you an honest review of his work if you want to consider using him (email me at I remember seeing a good looking dresser that was made by a local (to you) kitchen/cabinet maker Guild Anderson when I was last at Pythouse Kitchen Garden Cafe that may be worth checking out. Not sure of their prices. Also think Neptune Kitchens are very attractive. Best of luck!



    Can’t recommend anyone I’m afraid, but I got a quote from Smallbones when we moved here 20 years ago and they completely ignored ALL my guidelines which wasn’t impressive! Got ours made in the end, designed by me, by Kitchens Direct. They were murder to deal with and if hadn’t been for our architect sitting on their collective heads and refusing to pass it for them to get paid until they spent 2 more days sorting out the rubbish finish, it would have been dreadful. However I would say that it has lasted pretty well for 20 years though admittedly looking somewhat tatty now after a young family crashing around in it. Sorry not to be able to be constructive (no pun intended!).


    that’s so helpful all thank you very much.

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