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    Please help! We are a family with 2 kids aged 1 and 5 relocating to south hams. Would you choose kingsbridge or modbury? What are the pros and cons?
    Thanks so much!



    Hi Amy
    The choice of Kingsbridge or Modbury depends on you and your family’s circumstances, likes and needs.
    In short, Kingsbridge is a larger, perhaps more commercially minded location in that it offers a wider selection of shops and more of a buzzy atmosphere. Given its location at the head of the Estuary it also offers excellent transport facilities to access either Salcombe in one direction or South Pool / Prawle etc in the other direction. A factor worth considering when your children grow up and seek independence.
    Modbury by comparison is very much a small market ‘town’/village with a much smaller number of residents and an emphasis on local, independent shops. For a weekly food shop for example, you would have to head further afield to a larger town and again, longer term you need to consider whether this would be engaging enough for your children as they get older.
    As a professional property search agent, whilst both of your selected options offer attractive qualities, given your brief precis, I would perhaps be leaning more towards Kingsbridge as I believe it would offer more for your family and in particular your children going forward and if moving from London, would lessen any potential cultural ‘shock’ from perhaps what you’re currently used to.
    I hope this is of some help to you and good luck.
    All best

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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