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    I accidentally moved here from London 7 years ago. It was meant to be for two years but….
    Here’s a little summary
    Property: House prices cheap. Some of the prettiest roads with big houses and gardens are walking distance from the station. Trains are reliable and get you to St Pancras in 1 hour. Even in the snow, when I long for a day off, my trains come on time and I have to go to work. Trains every 30 minutes. Expensive at £600 per month but offset by cheaper mortgage.
    Nursery-I found this really cheap compared to London when I moved up. My children went to Queen of Hearts, Rockingham Road which was excellent.
    Schools- has one of the best state primaries, Hall Meadow, but as it only takes 30 children approximately per year, you have to live super-close. There is a nice, small,private primary, St Peters, which is half the price of your average private schools.
    Secondary schools: very good faith state school Bishop Stopford, very good state in nearby Corby ‘Brooke weston’ (though intake is randomised between Corby and Kettering). Good selection of private secondary’s.
    Town: a bit dull, but has an M&S, Waterstones, Boots and is slowly improving with a few nice cafes and a really nice café/eaterie ‘Kino’. It’s a ten minute drive to the lovely town of Market Harborough for more independent shops and good hairdressers etc.
    Culture: it’s slowly improving. There is an arts centre which is on the comedy circuit;we’ve seen Marcus Brigstock, shappi korsandi, James Acaster, shappi Korsandi. The Lighthouse theatre is getting better-it tended to be mainly community shows but is improving now. One of the cafes in the town does a regular jazz evening.
    Kids stuff: I have boys that are sport mad-there’s plenty of football teams, a football development school run by West Brom, an excellent athletics track and group ‘Kettering Town Harriers’, a swimming pool (also lots of swimming pools around. We used to take our children to an impressive Saturday morning swimming school at Market Harborough leisure centre). There’s a thriving junior tennis club and cricket club.
    As I still work down in London, I can still catch up with my friends there after work and I take the children down in the holidays.
    Daily shopping: this has really improved. We have a huge Tesco within 5 minutes drive that sells just about everything I need for cooking. There’s also a Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrison’s if you want. There’s a small waitrose up in Market Harborough.
    I personally miss; the London art scene, diversity and London chaos but none of that interests my children at the moment. They really like it here and don’t want to move. They are having a great time at primary school, love all the sports, the big house, the big garden which is their own personal football pitch.



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    You did well to leave London more than a decade ago. The city is expensive and the cost of living is only going up. If you can’t afford to live in London then you’re better off living somewhere else where you can also use this source for your online educational purpose. There are plenty of other places in the UK that are cheaper and just as nice. So don’t feel like you made a mistake by leaving London. You did the right thing.

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