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    Please can anyone tell me what it’s like to live in Baldock?

    Hi, we plan to move to Herts soon due to husband’s job. We settled on Hitchin as it looks great for transport links, schools, attractive town and friendly, positive residents. Struggling to find a house though – not much on the market that meets our wish list incl affordability! Have seen a lovely looking house in baldock though. Is this a good alternative to Hitchin itself? Seems to offer similar good things re transport and schools. House we’ve seen is on one of the main roads near station and hartsfield primary. We’re a bit worried about road traffic, plus train capacity esp with 3000 new homes planned! Please help us understand the reality! Hard to know when we are living 200 miles away at the moment!

    Thank you!!



    We moved from London in 2014 and decided we wanted to be near Hitchin station due to the excellent transport links to London. Hitchin has fast trains that don’t stop at every atop if this is relevant to you but Baldock doesn’t. Like you we were disappointed with the quality available in Hitchin so decided on a nearby village (Pirton). I chose thi’s as it is a short drive to the station and the bus goes there too. Also children in this village get into the Hitchin secondary schools as we border Bedfordshire. The villages around Hitchin are all lovely. In our village you see children out playing all the time and riding there bikes in the road as there is so little traffic.
    Talking to people who know Baldock I’d a really lovely place. There is more traffic but more shops etc than villages.



    Sorry Lucy I meant to say there aren’t as many trains from Baldock as Hitchin. Also please excuse the grammar as I was in a taxi.



    Thanks Martin!



    HI Lucy

    I lived in and commuted to London, Euston from Baldock and Hitchin areas for many years.
    ONE big tip. You have a much better chance of getting a seat on the train from Baldock, as its one more town out just as the seats get rammed full.
    The trains along that whole line are not great currently due to train company adding a impossible to follow new schedule and routes, but as a town to live and commute from its good.

    A bypass means the traffic is quieter nowadays…and its very family friendly with many good houses and a very good senior school.

    generally the villages around are all good… just think about when it snows and you are stuck trying to dive everywhere…. when living in Baldock or Hitchin you can walk to a large supermarket, pubs, cafes and restaurants.

    best parts of Baldock to live…in the actual town…historic buildings etc or newer builds.
    Clothal common is considered not part of the town by most.
    good luck and hope this helps



    Hello, I would be interested to hear anyone’s experiences of Letchworth. I am looking to move there from East London. I’m female, in my 30’s, will keep working four days in London. Any suggestions/tips would be great thanks!



    How dare you say that Clothall Common is not considered part of Baldock by most. Most of the houses on Clothall Common are over 30 years old and many of the residents contribute their time in the form of voluntary work to their town of Baldock. Go back more years when the Mansfield Road area was developed and you will find this kind of prejudice against that development. Stop stirring up discrimination.

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