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    Can anyone tell me more about this school, both at junior and senior level please?



    My son attends 6th form. The school is based right in the city centre. They have excellent academic & sporting facilities, good communication with parents and students. Importantly for us, son is really enjoying himself there and is getting excellent results so far. In our short experience with the school, we have been very impressed. I would highly recommend it.



    I have a lot of friends who have their children at the school and like anywhere some are happy while others are not so happy. I looked around the school for my daughter but felt it wouldn’t suit her because she is quite a tomboy and I felt the girls were quite sexualised at a young age. I emphasise that this I just my opinion!! I think the boys have on the whole done better there, it is a competitive school and although their results are good I know their numbers, like a lot of schools, have halved in their September year 7 intake this year.
    I hope this helps!!



    My sister and I attended HCS many years ago and we would thoroughly recommend it. Several of those who also attended at the same time as us send their own children there now and my sister is looking to send her own children in the future.



    Thank you! We are considering a move to the area from Kent and have children aged 11 and younger. Are people welcoming? Is it very rural? What is Hereford itself like? Thanks.



    Hi Lucy,

    I moved back to Herefordshire six years ago after leaving to go to university and then living & working in the Bucks/Berks area for many years. At first I found the change in pace of life & traffic frustrating but I have to say, I love it and I’m here to stay!

    Hereford itself has its usual high street shops but has some very lovely independent retailers in a street near the Cathedral. There is a retail development under construction which should be open in 2014 (I think) which will include a Waitrose and some more restaurants, a cinema and shops (I think there is also a debenhams or bhs planned but can’t remember which one!) Bristol and Cheltenham are only an hour away and people tend to pop there for a day out and a big shop. There are the usual supermarkets here although the nearest Waitrose is Monmouth which is about 20 mins from south of the city).

    It is fairly rural although it is gorgeous and there are lots of outdoor activities available. Lots of lovely country pubs and restaurants and some very nice delis too. There are Market towns which are about 20/25 mins from Hereford itself which are very lovely and have some fab shops and markets too. There seems to be lots of clubs and activities for children around the county, from what I have seen and heard. In terms of people being welcoming, I would say that yes we are and you get back what you put in to developing relationships as with every situation.

    More than happy to advise and help. I love it here and would thoroughly recommend.



    Thank you Alexandra, that is all good to know!



    We moved from Surrey two years ago to Herefordshire. We found it very welcoming and friendly. A great place for children although you do tend to become a taxi service for the children. We are making friends within our local community as well as at work and have found the best way is to get stuck into village life and events, volunteer for things and as always one tends to find you become friends with the parents of your children’s friends.
    With regards to Schools, the children one junior age the other senior are both lucky enough to attend the Cathedral School and we are very happy with it and the standard of education and extra curricula activities available in all spheres. Pupils leaving the upper 6th appear to be friendly, confident young people who are interested and involved in life and have achieved well academically.



    Thanks Claire! Good to hear you are pleased with the school.



    Hi – I’m new to this site & recently moved to Hereford Centre, having moved from busy London straight to a very rural location – so while looking for a permanent place to live, we thought we’d see how life near people felt again!! Wasn’t prepared for the shock of living ‘in a field’ as I described our first house in Herefordshire! Since moving here I became unwell, so haven’t had the oomph needed when you move anywhere new, to do all the obvious things like throwing yourself into any activity to get to know people!
    Obviously you don’t realise until you move, how difficult it is to relocate to a new area, not having the comfort of knowing your neighbours, local shops, family etc! Or how especially difficult changing schools can be for children, who just have to get on with it. So I’d advise anyone thinking of relocating to read as much as possible to help your child through the difficult transition.
    Had I known how tough moving schools & locations would be – I would have given moving a wide birth.
    I’ve always lived in London, so as beautiful as the country & views are in Herefordshire – it’s been quite a shock & I’ve found it hard to get used to – especially not being in a village with a local pub or place to meet people, a community & no neighbours was odd at first too.
    Now having moved to Hereford & my son has started his first year at Hereford Cathedral School in Year 7 – so you don’t see or meet parents, as you do in Primary Schools! I think the biggest problem to settling has been my illness leaving me too ill to push myself & get to know other parents – but I wondered if anyone else was new to the area, or had an only child or siblings new to Hereford Cathedral School & if there are good places for 12/13/14yr olds to hang out & meet other kids their age? Youth groups etc? Ive even thought about trying to start one for that age group – has anyone tried this or interested??



    Hi Juliet, I too am a yr 7 parent with an only child, boy. We moved to Hereford from Surrey three years ago and on the whole are happy. We were not pleased with the standard of teaching in the junior school, lack of leadership and internal staff issues will hopefully soon be resolved by a new head. That said, the children on the whole are happy confident kids but there are a lot of rumblings of discontent. Many yr 7 parents came into the senior school with a watch and wait POV and are pleased at the drastic difference between senior and junior.

    I don’t know the answer to socialising. The social element changes from year group to year group. We moved from a fantastic social life in Surrey to quite a different scene here. Living in Hereford while easier for school is more anonymous than living in a village. We are getting there but it takes time.

    Apologies, our children are in the same year but I don’t know who you are! I am also a chorister parent so aside from never being at the school gate, we live a different timetable so it has been doubly hard to get to know people. Happy to chat further if you message me.


    HerefordVoice, a website community, has responded via Twitter and has advised, “register at and ask their questions in the Open Forum”


    Hereford Library have been in touch: “Hereford Library hosts a wargaming club for 11yrs+ on Fridays 4:30-7!” Sounds like fun.



    Both my sons started at the School in September 2013 coming from another school in Hereford joining the Nursery and Year 2, they have both come on leaps and bounds! I have been very impressed with the standard of teaching and the Headmaster was very helpful with my shy son during the transition to try and make it as fun for him as possible. I found all the parents very welcoming and made friends with them very quickly. Neither of my sons miss their old school or nursery now!
    They have just opened a fantastic new nursery for 3-4 year olds too. I would suggest visiting the website which is kept up to date with current activities and achievements and you can ask questions via the Facebook page if you can’t find what you are looking for
    I would definitely recommend this school to new parents looking for an independent school in Herefordshire.



    Thank you everyone for your replies & advice. Sorry for delay but as it was an old link I’d written on – I didn’t expect to get any replies!! Thanks to Hereford Library – that’s sounds really good fun – I’ll definitely try & get him to come along and see. He’s pretty shy & doesn’t have friends near here, so hard to get him to do things on his own! Thank you. Thank you Hereford Voice – I hadn’t heard of you but I do now & thank you for your advice – good idea!
    Heather – I’m not sure how to reply to you personally on here – tried clicking on you!! I’ll have a look at the parents list maybe yr email is on there? The Choristers have an incredibly hard life, I’ve heard! By that I mean all the extra time after school everyday & Christmas Day too – amazingly rewarding though, I’m presuming he still enjoys singing or hopefully loves it – so you don’t have to hassle him to go! You must be so proud of him. How lovely to see yr son up there singing beautifully – that must be fantastic & a whole little community in itself! So no doubt you’ll be there today supporting the girls? I heard about the Head change over! Big mistake not going straight to HCS when we 1st moved – then made another mistake moving him in year 6 – which turned into the worst year of all our lives – with the stress of seeing how unhappy he was & how much it shattered his confidence. I think first move from London was hard for him especially, leaving his friends, being shy in new situations and I’d underestimated just how hard changing schools can be. He soon settled in at his primary school – but mixed years & as an only child, he’s quite mature for his age & so humongous out with the older children – so when he was about to move into yr 6 – all his close friends were moving to Senior school – He was so happy & confident again by then back to his usual self – so we thought moving him to HCS in yr 6 would help him settle in before the shock or change of moving to the senior school – which had been the plan – to go there at yr 7! Huge mistake! Totally backfired. And as I said nearly destroyed us! To see your child suffering like that & to see the change in him – I think he was sure he’d be fine with 2nd school as he was happy & confident, loved living in the country etc but obviously the shock was huge for him & I suppose the shock for him that he’d walked away from one school happy & excited – then when it went so wrong – it was too sad & awful to describe seeing what happened to him. Then I was literally bed ridden – sounds dramatic – but I have had ME for a while & then when he started in yr 6 I got shingles & then a week off & again – so had shingles 6 times in a row which covered the whole year 6! So he had that to cope with too, which made things worse for him & it meant I didn’t get to meet any mums & now you don’t see anyone! Sorry waffled on here – but maybe you can see why you don’t know me!! As I said Ill try & find a way to email you – having just publicly emailed everyone!! I’m hoping that anonymity is the norm – re the children!! Thank u for yr helpful email.
    Hi Tricia! Thank you! I’d imagine starting at HCS so young will be absolutely fantastic start & school life for your boys & they’ve got each other. I wish my son had had the chance of staying with the school & same friends from the beginning to the end. I feel so guilty that my son has left two schools & friends now – then disastrous yr 6 – which although advised to move & reassured it was a good time to change, which I’m sure for most it’s fine & some children have no choice – but yr 6 is the top rung – they get to be the ‘big boys’ for the year & are already working towards moving on & have established their place & role with peers – but to move to a school as a new boy – when most children are part of the furniture, was sadly incredibly hard for him & he still hasn’t returned to his old self – so I’m still trying to try & fix or mend my mistake! I thought the Head & all the staff in the junior school were lovely, but I wasn’t there to see the problems Heather mentioned. The senior School is a lovely school too & he’s far happier now – we’re just quite there yet! I know it will help if I was better, which I’m continually working to do! I hadn’t thought of Facebook, so thank you for that tip!
    Thanks everyone!

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