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    My husband & I, along with our 2 yr old son and a bump are looking to make the move out of Clapham, London.
    Combing through the Telegraph’s Guide to commuting, x-referencing with the location of Friends & family, we have identified the following areas in Surrey as “meeting criteria”: Esher, Weybridge, Cobham, Walton on Thames, Hersham, Oxshott.

    The criteria being: 30min train times to Waterloo, 3-4 per hr, with a house which is within 15 min walk to the station and in the catchment area for Excellent Mixed, State, Non-Faith Primary Schools.

    We have now started house hunting and as I am completely in the dark about these areas… other than commute times to London & frequency of trains per hour… it is really, really difficult to compare a house in Esher to Walton to Hersham or Oxshott.

    Can anyone on this site PLEASE, PLEASE give me the lowdown on their comparative merits. Anything at all, from quality of life, town-feel, traffic on the high street, schools, catchment areas, snob factor, reasons behind house price variations or top tips/ areas within these areas.

    Thank you in advance!



    I lived in Guldford once, many years ago.Not a bad place to live but best thing to do is pick a central rea, rent for 6 months and do your research on the areas you favour place in colums all the things you need to know i.e Schools- shopping – crime – transport – people etc then give a number from 1 to 10 on how good or bad you think they are ask questions of local people best place is a corner shop garage pub etc. It take a lot of legwork



    Hi Sheena,
    We live just outside Cobham in Bookham (about 3 miles). The other places you mention are all very samey but I don’t know them all really well and they are relatively far apart so it’s hard to comment. I think they all have quite a large helping of snob factor. Cobham is very nice but I don’t think it has a good local secondary school because all the Cobham parents try to get their kids into the school local to us – The Howard of Effingham which is a top 10% school with an outstanding Ofsted. Our local infant and primary schools are excellent too (Polesden Lacey Infants, Eastwick, The Dawnay) but it’s 45 mins from Bookham into Waterloo or Victoria so maybe not for you. Sorry I can’t be of more help but if you have any specific questions I’ll do my best to answer.
    Good luck



    Hello sheena

    We’ve just made that exact move! We were living in south west london and decided to move out for a bit more space and for schools. We settled on East Molesey (train station is called HAmpton Court) and are extremely happy here. Great local schools for the little ones and wonderful sense of community. We’re a 5 minute drive away from kingston for shopping, cinema etc but have a chemist, supermarket etc on our main shopping road (Walton Road) and chi chi restaurants and bars on Bridge Road. On the river and just near Bushey Park which is beautiful. 35 minutes into Waterloo on the train. Walton and Esher lovely too – slightly more going on, which you may view as a good or bad thing! Hersham and Oxshott more of a country feel. But come and check East Molesey out – we discovered it by accident whilst looking at houses in Teddington and Esher and are so glad we did!



    We moved from Balham/Tooting Bec 9 months ago, for exactly the reasons you describe. I’m still finding my feet in terms of what places have to offer, but we had the same search area in mind to yours, & finally settled on West Byfleet. It’s 28 mins to Waterloo (on fast train) & good
    Primary schools. Being just outside the M25 it is more affordable than
    the likes of Esher, Oxhott, Weybridge but still commutable. Pyrford is another good choice, slightly more rural than West Byfleet. Sorry not much else to say about other locations you mention…all about the feel
    you get when you visit I think, especially snob factor etc! Having been in SW London & having my 2 boys there (& loved the commons to walk buggy round) it is a
    change moving out, but is more friendly & space is great. Much more
    relaxed quality of life.



    If you want the best of two worlds: Close to London yet within reach of a rural location with open fields, sheep/horses in fields and riverside park/walks. A great community spirit, variety of small family shops and a large Waitrose. Choice of two stations with trains to Waterloo (1/2 hour) every 15 minutes the Hersham has to be your choice. Close to Heathrow and Gatwick, M3/M25/A3 and just 15 miles from the centre of London but in the Surrey countryside. Three junior/infant all through schools, six form academy and private school. Lots of local organisations for the whole family plus 5 Churches. It must be Hersham (of international fame – Sham 69 – Hersham Boys

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