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    My husband and I are looking to move out of London with our 3 year old son. We have mainly been looking at Guildford and Godalming but have just found a house we like in Haslemere. Is it too far for my husband to commute (meaning will he get fed up after the initial excitement of moving wears off)? I really like the feel of Godalming, does Haslemere have the same community feel? We’ll be leaving all our friends behind so hoping it won’t be too hard to meet new people. Any other advice on the area would be very much appreciated. Thank you



    Hi I wouldn’t worry at all about moving to Haslemere. It has a great community and the trains to London are fantastic. People drive to that station for the faster trains so your husband will be fine and he too will probably end up making friends on the train as the community is really good. And the shops are great in Haslemere and the schools – go for it! I think it is more fun than Godalming, personally!



    Hi Joanne, Haslemere is a lovely little town with a great community spirit. We have many independent shops (clothes, food, travel etc) and a great Chamber of Commerce in the town, so there are many community activities planned for those in the area – Fringe Festivals / May fairs / Christmas fairs etc. Haslemere rail station sells more 1st class season tickets to London than any other station in the country, so I would say that speaks volumes. Having commuted for many years, I can speak from experience and say that there are an adequate number of fast trains into London (only 50 minutes) and the slower stopping trains only add 10 more minutes to your journey – I know people who live in London who used to commute for longer than I did. Also excellent access to the A3 for driving purposes. Plenty of really good schools in the state sector and some fantastic prep schools also. I now run a travel business in the town, so have seen both sides and I’m certain you would be very happy here. Hope this helps.



    We’ve lived in Haslemere for 14 years and can heartily recommend it. As Lucy says above there’s a great community here and Haslemere is one of the fast train stops to Waterloo along with Petersfield, Guildford and Woking which is a bonus. Good schools including state and private and great shopping with a varied selection of independent retailers which is unusual. Cannot comment on Godalming unfortunately but you need to go with your gut instinct basically 🙂 It’s always easier to meet new people when you have young children wherever you end up living if that’s any help?



    Hello! Thanks to @BricksandBread for suggesting that I answer you about moving to Haslemere… I’ve only been here 7 years (before that I was in Carshalton).. The commute is dandy – MANY people do it and there’s fast trains… Great independent shops, not far from many main shopping areas… HUGE Community spirit… great schools etc.. Can get to the beach after school can be in London in an hour. Godalming is lovely too – more shops etc. I’m on @haslemerevc on twitter if you fancy a chat!



    Hello – I live in Haslemere and it is a lovely, country town. Fast trains to London and the sands of West Wittering within 45 minutes drive. It is right on the Surrey/Sussex boarder and the countryside towards Goodwood, Chichester and the South Downs is stunning. Great pubs and restaurants, Waitrose, Boots and Smiths in the High Street, together with some lovely independent shops and Hemmingway’s is a great coffee shop which turns into a wine bar in the evening. Pizza express and ASK to please the kids too. Lots of like minded people who used to live in London are based here. Proactive networking groups, tennis club, Herons Leisure Centre, every exercise/dance/yoga class you could wish for, Rock Choir, good schools, both state and private. If you love the house you have found here – go for it, I am sure you won’t regret it.



    thank you so much for the replies! Unfortunately someone swooped in and got that house before us but after your lovely feedback we’ve decided to focus on Haslemere a bit more as it does seem like you get a lot more for your money, not just property but community and location too. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be able to go to the beach or countryside after school! It takes well over an hour for us just to get on the A3 out of London! Can’t wait, thank you!!



    Haslemere is cracking – we’ve been here 10 years since moving out of the big smoke that is Guildford. I would recommend Guildford or Haslemere, but note that Guildford / Godalming are a little cheaper as nice houses in Haslemere are in a micro bubble all of their own..
    As for Godalming, I’m sure it is very nice for those that live there, but I have never really wanted to live or shop there. It is a half way house between Guildford and Haslemere. If you want a bigger town, great shopping, less rural etc, take the former. If you want proper semi rural, less shops and more community take the latter.
    Commuting is always a pain, esp on SWT, but I’ve managed well for 10 years.
    Good luck – @adriansbutter


    Surrey Mummy

    Haslemere is a thriving place in Surrey and certainly has a lot on offer for young families. I personally prefer the feel of Haslemere to Godalming, but everyone is different.

    We know lots of people who commute from Haslemere, or, if they fancy a change, drive to Guildford Station and catch the train from there. The good thing about getting on at Haslemere is that you have a better chance of getting a seat.

    My parents live near Haslemere and when my children were young and we lived in London we would visit and spend a lot of time in the area. It was really well catered for with regards to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and I felt quite at home there. Now that we’ve moved to Surrey and know people from Haslemere, I can see that there is a good sense of community.

    Good luck!

    If you do move, have a look at our website http://www.surreymummy.com for things to do with children in Surrey – we’ve got lots of Haslemere listings on there.



    Hi Joanne

    How did you get in with your move. Did you go to haslemere? My wife and I are thinking of moving there and I would be really interested what you found out about the place.


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