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    Hi all – looking to move & need your advice. We are leaving the big smoke & headed to the beautiful countryside which we are extremely excited about! We have whittled our search to 2 areas, either South Farnham or Haslemere & just struggling to make a decision.

    Our primary focus is schooling for our 3year old & we get the feeling both options are a positive on this front. We want to move to an area where there is a great community with other young families. We love the South Farnham area & the fact there seems to be lots going on both in the immediate area + Farnham high street. Haslemere seems idyllic, we get a good feeling for Grayswood & Camelsdale but is there enough going on comparatively?

    Any suggestions on how to better our understanding of the areas or your relevant experiences/thoughts etc would be greatly appreciated & warmly received.

    Thank you !





    All I can say, is I live South Farnham, fantastic place, with all ameneties on door step.
    . Train line – 2 per hour.
    Lovely Countryside
    Frensham ponds and Bourne Woods.
    Great Pubs, and small village feel.

    Hastlemere as nice.
    finding good property is difficult as lot of london buyers seem to of twigged, that compared to Guildford a lot cheaper.
    You need to tour around and chat to various agents on best roads and your needs for schooling.
    Hope that helps?



    Knowing both areas, Farnham is a much more happening place with a more London style community all while enjoying unparalleled access to the countryside. Grayswood is a lovely village but if you are coming from Town and have a young daughter I would suggest you will find more like minded people in Farnham and more to do.

    If you want property advice contact dandewar@burnsand webber.com 01252 713868 He lives in and knows the area very well




    Again, my perspective is one sided as I have only lived in South Farnham and not in haslemere.
    South Farnham is what all the others say it is – verdant, connected to London, plenty of good schools (and this year South Farnham infant school had a much larger catchment area than many years before), full of people with children and elderly. In fact the 18-30 segment of age seems non existent.
    South Farnham is also terribly homogeneous – all white British, generally well educated and many stay at home mums. Can be cliquey for that but people are generally kind.

    Real estate is extremely expensive. As expensive as central London, especially after the drop in prices in London which is slower to happen here, in south Farnham.
    Haslemere might be better from that point of view.
    Also haslemere might fulfill better the idea of living in the country side.

    Having said that, we moved to south Farnham in 2016 and decided to stay.
    Did it help or did I just confuse you more?…

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