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    We are looking to move out of SW London down the M3 towards Fleet direction and like the look of Hartley Witney and Odiham. Does anyone know what sort of demographic you would find in these villages (I.e. Are there many young professional families?) Hoping to find a large village/small town that has a good buzz and community, with a few amenities such as cafés if possible. We have a 2 yr old and 7 week old so will be looking for nurseries and ultimately state primary schools. My husband will drive up M3 to Staines and I work from home so stations not an issue. Thanks


    Hi Clare. You can expect to find young professional families in each of these villages – both are highly regarded and pleasant places to live. They both offer very attractive High Streets (I assume you have visited) but of the two Hartley Wintney is probably better served for cafes etc. M3 is easier to get to from Odiham being only minutes away from J5, whilst HW is midway between 4a and 5. Beware rush hour traffic builds from quite early in the morning, sometimes as far down as J5 but certainly by the time you get to J4. It would be worth trying the journey out prior to committing. As regards housing stock, both offer a good selection of new/modern and older style properties with Odiham leaning more towards generally older/character, and both are “reassuringly expensive”!
    I am a relocation agent based in Farnham (a town you could also consider) and would be delighted to discuss things further if you wish. Good luck!

    Richard Mottley, Sanderling Homesearch
    http://www.SanderlingHomesearch.com ~ 0800 999 5758 ~ 07769 32 5758.



    You will find a good mix of residents including those similar to yourselves. We have sold a number of properties to families from SW London who are attracted to the state infant and junior schools, the secondary school is located in Odiham. If you are considering independent schools, there is a great selection too.

    Best of luck.

    Richard Day
    Hamptons International Fleet

    01252 360590


    A reply via Twitter:

    “Odiham is a wonderful place to live, feel of a village yet a lot of amenities, vast mix of young professionals & families.”


    And another reply via Twitter:

    “HW would be my choice, more suited to professionals & families. O is a bit clicky for newcomers, lovely village though.”


    Both villages are sought after locations with a mix of families and professionals.
    There are a variety of properties in both locations from character to new builds.

    Good luck with your search,
    Winkworth Basingstoke
    01256 811730

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