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    Hi – we’ve been priced out of the property market in London and are looking to move to Guildford / godalming / haselmere.

    We have a young baby daughter so primary schools are important. Equally important is a good commute into the city for my husband and a good quality of life (i.e. nice 3 / 4 bed house, safe area, nice cafes / bars
    restaurants within walking distance and a good community). We currently live in Wandsworth and love it here so are feeling a bit nervous about the move.

    Any advice on the 3 towns would be appreciated I.e. Good and bad areas, value for money, atmosphere, commuting time etc. We are planning on spending some Saturday’s in the area and I reckon it will largely be down to chemistry but any advice would be appreciated!



    Hi Caroline

    I know this doesn’t answer your question, but have you considered Farnham? We moved from Wandsworth to Farnham 3 months ago and are loving it so far. I only mention it because we were also looking at Guildford, Godalming and Haslemere (as well as Farnham) and would have happily gone for any of those towns – in the end it came down to the house. It’s just under an hour into Waterloo (and stops at Clapham Junction which might be important to you if you’re leaving lots of friends in Wandsworth!) and from what I can remember, you can get more for your money than in Guildford (although on a par with Godalming and Haslemere). It’s a decent size and has nice shops but very easy to get into the countryside, and v good schools. Anyway, I won’t go on too much in case you’re definitely not interested but just thought I’d suggest adding it to the mix! Good luck with your decision making!




    Hi, I moved from London to Godalming 6 years ago and have never looked back. The place is ideal, very safe, brilliant (40 mins) commute to London every half and hour in the week.

    The town has great schooling for every age group.

    There are a range of bars and cafes as well as a couple of high end restaurants, La Luna being one of them. There is a 14th Century award winning pub called the Star that serves 8 real ales and over 8 real ciders.

    There are also 3 art galleries and a museum.

    There are wonderful river side walks all the way to Guildford, a lovely park with a bandstand that has concerts every Sunday in the Summer. The town has a Sainsbury and a large Waitrose.

    All of this is within walking distance from the majority of the town.

    There is a real community feeling about the place too.



    Hi Caroline

    You are certainly not the first person from Wandsworth that will be following the well trodden path to South Surrey! I would be delighted to talk you through the area, property prices and the best areas to live in with regards to main line stations and schools etc.

    Do give me a call on 01483 565 171 or email me on


    Oli Smith, Knight Frank, Guildford



    Hi all – very helpful and making me feel more relaxed about a move to the unfamiliar!

    Lucy, thanks for the suggestion. I had thought about Farnham but ruled it out because it was that bit longer on the train and my husband works long hours. It may be worth considering though if you get more for your money!

    Thanks oli, we will be in touch in the coming weeks after we’ve spent some time in the areas. Godalming sounds good though based on the feedback in the above post!


    For information about Haslemere please take a look at



    Hi Caroline
    I’m another Farnham person but we also looked at Haslemere and Godalming and like Lucy liked all places equally but I grew up in Farnham and my parents are still here so that was deciding factor for us as they help with childcare etc. I went to school in Guildford though and the advantage there is definitely the quicker/more frequent trains up to town. I think you are right you need to come and get a feel for each place – Guildford is quite a lot bigger than Haslemere and Godalming. With regards to schools there are great schools in all the towns but for some you need to live pretty close – on this webpage you can see the distances you needed to live to get into Reception classes in Surrey state schools for 2012 and 2013
    and if you know the postcode of houses you are looking at and enter them here you can find out exact distances to all the schools: Good luck in your search!


    Surrey Mummy

    We moved from Wimbledon to Guildford and chose it for its gorgeous historic town centre, excellent schools, good commute into London for work, nice community feel to the village we live in (Merrow, outskirts of Guildford) and plenty going on for young families. We loved Godalming too and it met lots of our criteria but we found a house in Merrow first. Haslemere is also a really lovely place and you get more for your money but we felt it too far out for a daily commute into London and I wanted to be really close to a big town for all that offers you.
    We have set up a website for families in Surrey @surreymummy as a guide to what’s on for families, clubs & classes, local chat board etc and hopefully this might be useful & help you settle once here. Do pop by and take a look.
    Good luck, all the areas you are thinking of are fab and I’m sure you will love Life After London here in Surrey!
    Best wishes
    The Surrey Mummy Team

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