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    We are a foreigner lesbian couple. I am Spanish and my partner Colombian.
    We are both professionals working and living in East London and now are considering buying in Rochester.
    We have been there a couple of times and seems to have pretty nice vibe.
    Our concern is, as a small town, are we we likely to encounter unpleasant reactions from the locals? Is there extended homophobic views or any problem you could talk about?
    Our concerns lie mainly on our safety rather than simple opinions.
    Any thought/ experience about this would be very much appreciated! 🙂


    Belinda Aspinall

    We had a couple of replies on social media

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    Any area can have people who feel they are above everyone else and think they should have a say in people’s lives but I know plenty of lesbian couples in and around Rochester and have never known them to have any problems Rochester itself is a beautiful place and even better for falling more and more in love with your partner’s. But like I said everywhere you go now days has people that think they’re entitled to an opinion in your life even when they don’t know you. X

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    I think you will love living in Rochester it’s a wonderful place. You won’t be disappointed. Of course wherever you live you get small minded people but have to say never really noticed or heard of anything.

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    We moved here, 3 years ago and love it, to be honest, most of our friends (both gay and Str8) are still based in London. This is more to do with established links. However, we have never encountered any sort of homophobia or felt threatened. Our local neighbours are great. There are 3 gay pubs/ clubs in the area. More than happy to have a chat off here if you want to PM me or even wanna meet for a coffee.

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    we love it here and hope you do too

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