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    Hi there,

    My name is Ollie and this is my first post on here – just registered.

    We’re considering a move to Surrey from SW London (Balham) where I have lived since childhood.

    I am ready for the inevitable change of lifestyle, but would really appreciate thoughts on certain areas?

    We have found a house we adore in Whyteleafe, but are largely unfamiliar with the area, and from what I have seen so far, there isn’t really much in the way of amenities in the immediate area to walk to (inc for a pint of milk) – everything seems to suggest a drive into Caterham/Purley/Warlingham etc for signs of life.

    Does anyone have any thoughts/experience of Whyteleafe in particular that they wouldn’t mind sharing? The house itself is on The Avenue – a private road which looks lovely, but is parallel to the A22 by Whyteleafe South station, and looks like a bit of a no man’s land, and my concern is feeling that I’ve completely lost the sense of being part of a community with things in the area to see/do (even as small as a nice cafe).

    I now some of my concerns will come from just getting used to the fact that it’s not meant to be comparable to where we live now, but I would really appreciate anyone’s thoughts on Whyteleafe, particularly if you have moved from a more central London spot to live there/nearby.

    Thanks so much



    another consideration is that I believe that if this house were to be in, say, Reigate, it would be half the price again at least, and so I am conscious of the reason it’s location is pricing it where it is.



    Hi Ollie,

    I live nearby and after reading your post I think you have got an accurate measure of the area. And that gives you a lot to think about. There are always reasons why a house is affordable and the lack of amenities locally really reflects that. Because of that it is essential to have a car in this area.

    Having said that… if you do have a car you could find life more expansive than being in Balham. What Whyteleafe / Caterham lack in themselves are more than made up for with –
    Affordability and a great housing stock. Space and trees and greenery everywhere. Probably a huge garden. Good schools.

    It’s not a bad commute into London, either. Obviously, no Tube, but you are near two train lines – one into Victoria (30 minutes) and one into London Bridge (40 minutes).

    And, besides easy enough trips into London – where it definitely has an edge is a quick and easy exit into the rest of the SouthEast. At Whyteleafe South you hit the official Green Belt. The urban sprawl of London is finished. You are on the border of Kent and Surrey. In minutes, you can be on the A22 down to Eastbourne, the M23 to Gatwick and Brighton, and the M25.

    Where we always went into London for gigs and shows we now also nip down to Brighton regularly as it only takes 45 minutes. Think of being halfway between London and the Coast and the lack of amenities in the immediate vicinity changes.

    Things also change if you have children. It’s an area that is well catered for them and I suspect that having a large house and being tied up in their activities and friends will keep you busy enough that you probably won’t have time to miss that artisan bakery in Balham!

    Hope that helps,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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