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    Hello – Considering a move from Chiswick to St Albans. Mostly because of schooling for our little one and we want to buy a place with a garden.
    We have visited a few times, looking at houses and schools. It all very nice – but everytime we go there, I notice how quiet it is. Everyone raves about it – but I am wondering if anyone here has moved to St Albans & wish they’d stayed in London.Why?




    Hello! We’ve lived in St Albans for years and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

    If you’re worried about the quiet, stop by on a Wednesday or Saturday – a huge market fills the town centre and everyone comes out to see what’s on offer. We’ve also recently had our Food Festival and there’s a Film Festival which runs in early July.

    St Albans is big enough for you and your family to have your own space but there’s always something going on nearby if you’re starting to feel like things are getting too quiet.




    We moved from Chiswick to St Albans 7 years ago and have just moved back!

    We enjoyed our time in St Albans and it felt right when our Children were very young. However, as the years went on, we missed the buzz and diversity of London, the spontaneity of going out without an event planned – and it felt too small.

    The people are very nice and we got on well with the neighbours and parents at the school. Its peaceful and to us felt like quite a slow children focused way of living.

    However, we spent so much time going back to London for work, seeing friends and family, shopping, socialising – that the benefits of living in a quieter, cleaner environment – were outweighed.



    Thanks Rosie and Ella.
    I appreciate your responses.

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