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    Belinda Aspinall

    Please can you have a read and offer thoughts?

    I never thought of posting on here because I haven’t ‘left London’ but I’m hoping perhaps some others might have words of wisdom – there must be others dealing with a similar life to mine!

    I don’t want to moan, I know how blessed we are and I know I couldn’t cope with life in a City. 

    I feel by saying anything people will shoot me down in flames and say ‘oh heck you live in paradise~stop moaning gal!’ And yes I know not moaning is a solution but sometimes I secretly need to shout out loud – so this is my ‘little shout out loud’ to ask for help!

    I’m a gardener my trade and met my OH when he was in the process of buying the old family home. My daughters and I started a new life here with him in the family home.  He’d always planned to run holiday accommodation because somehow this old pile needs to earn its keep and in 2006 we first dipped our toe into the world of holiday homes and bought a shepherds hut. It’s been an absolute joy, taken off like a rocket and hasn’t stopped.  

    People rightly adore it here, we are tucked a mile & a bit down a track with a view over the countryside, it IS beautiful and for a holiday it’s totally perfect.   But, there is no passing anything, the postman has become my bestie! I talk to him more than anyone else and him and his wife are coming to our wedding.

    As the hut took off my gardening dropped off and I now do one day a week which is about to end (being a gardener isn’t very sociable anyway).

    The hut is almost constantly occupied and at this time of year, I offer one night stays so a normal week can include 5 changeovers one after another.  Once the hut is done (it’s 4 hours to do a changeover), it is a dog walk and school pickup which is a 14 miles round trip.

    The income from the hut is super, and we plan to develop some of the outbuildings and when they are done I’ll get a little change over help and perhaps my other half might be able to take a little more time to be around too. 

    There are lots of issues but I suppose in a nutshell what I struggle with most of all is not being able to make plans.  Not having a chance to do something regularly.  My partner doesn’t have reliable hours so I can’t rely on him and  I would love to know how others manage with changeable/movable/random/ days and how others cope when their business is based from home.

    I know it won’t always be like this but I would so love to hear from others feeling the same way. My lifesaver is podcasts, a top tip for people on their own, podcasts!! 

    Love from D in Deepest Dorset

    x x x


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