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    Hello! My husband and I are in our early 30’s – European (Italian and Romanian) but we call England ‘home’ and are very in love with the countryside of Southern England.
    We now live in London but are looking to move to Surrey/Sussex/Kent (South of London, possibly in a winemaking region).
    We will need to commute regularly to London and possibly have an airport reasonably close by.

    We don’t have kids (yet) and would love to be part of a vibrant town community surrounded by the countryside, where we could interact with people our age. The ultimate dream would be to buy a plot of land and create our home, but we would first like to rent.

    Apologising for the lengthy message:
    1) Does a town like this exist? If so would you have any recommendation?
    2) Where would we be more likely to be able to purchase a plot and build and does someone have experiences with this?
    3) As we are not English, do you think it might be a bit challenging to integrate in a community in the countryside (I apologise in advance if this question sounds silly but I only ever lived in London…)

    thank you in advance for your time and any suggestion you might have.

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