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    Widowed and new grandparent last year I need to move from the west country nearer to only child in Surrey, without being recruited for the school run:) Trying to decide which of these three towns would best suit youngish retired professional needing to rebuild life – and no I am NOT looking for a dating website.



    Mitch as a 30 year long resident of Fsrnham, I am slightly biased, but I have also been an estate agent in Surrey for 40 years,do I do have something more to go on.

    Of the three I believe Farnham is the most modern with at radio al but up to date buzz. The other two always remind me of The border towns of Scotland,a bit dated and old fashioned.

    It is a very pretty place to live with a great deal going on socially and with easy access to London,airports,coast and motif way networks. Both Godalming and Dorking are a tad more remote, though neither too far.

    I think it’s much more down to you coming and seeing first hand what they respectively have to offer and deciding if any gives you that ” feel” If not there are lots of other towns and villages around.

    In terms of property prices,they are all pretty similar, so not a great deciding factor for one or another.

    If you need any property advice you can contact me on acd@burnsandwebber.com

    Good luck.



    hi, Having gone in the opposite direction : Surrey to the end of Cornwall, I think you’ll enjoy the quiet of Dorking, but its also got good sports and Theater. Godalming is pretty far out and not that much going on, Farnham I couldn’t say.. gut instinct is its not my cup of tea. I lived in Dorking for a bit and the Pixham end of town is really nice. Other pluses are the train links, the Guildford Reading line for east/west and London/Brighton for North/South. its 5/10mins to Reigate and 15/20mins to Guildford. just enough to be close but not instant. I’d recommend you rent a place for a little while in each to get a feel before committing to any of them. There are also lots of nice places in between like Betchworth, Abinger, East Horsley, Ripley etc. One thing you need to consider living in surrey thats not obv is driving time. Driving in surrey has nothing to do with distance it can take 2hrs to go 5miles if your going in the wrong traffic direction, something that you just don’t get down here in cornwall. So if you do need to do the school run from time to time figure out if the place you pick is impacted by commuter routes. for example Dorking to Gford at 8/9am is more like 1hr30mins vs 30-40mins at midday.



    Thank you each for your responses. Beginning tomorrow I am going to revisit each of these towns so will bear in mind your comments and suggestions.

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