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    My husband and I are considering a move to Cambridgeshire/North Essex with our two year old daughter. We will both need to commute to London (at least initially) and either Liv Pool St or Kings X would work fine for our locations.

    We have looked at Saffron Walden and the villages nearby and whilst everywhere we looked was lovely, I’m struggling to narrow it down based on our priorities without much knowledge of the area. We haven’t looked as far as Great Chesterton or around Royston, so remain open to all suggestions! 🙂

    We are looking for:

    – A village with a few amenities – my husband is happy with rural, but I’d still like to be able to walk to a few things
    – Not far from train station for commute and I’d like to know how easy it is to park and costs for this – I’m going to have to do nursery drop off/pick up so want to make this as easy as possible
    – This brings me onto childcare as we will need to find a nice nursery and in next couple of years a primary school

    Thanks for reading and any advice you can provide is appreciated!



    Hi Jo

    We moved up to Saffron Walden in January from Chiswick.

    First thing to say is it’s a smashing area with a nice mixture of locals and ex Londoners, mostly very good schools and lovely countryside.

    We ended up on the edge of Saffron Walden itself because we wanted to be close to the high school and also to be able to walk in to town. The villages around are lovely eg Great Chesterford, Littlebury, Newport but not many houses tend to come up (although lots of new builds going up in various places). I don’t commute but it’s about an hour into Liv St from Audley End or you can jump on the tube at Tottenham Hale. Audley End is a couple of miles outside town so you have to drive/cycle and park there. I think there’s plenty of parking but it costs a few hundred quid for an annual pass. If you want to walk to the station you need to be in Wendens Ambo or Great Chesterford or Newport.

    We’re still new to the area so don’t know everything but happy to help!



    Thanks for your response. That’s really helpful and also encouraging to hear!



    Hi Jo,

    We haven’t actually moved from Hong Kong to Essex: that is in July 2019, so plenty of time to prep.

    I am not overly familiar with the various villages, so have left the main search parameters to be dictated to by the likes of Rightmove. We are looking at rural areas within 5/10 miles of mainline stations Marks Tey, Kelvedon and Colchester; plus Bishops Stortford.

    I have friends on both sides of the Great Anglia train line (west and east): West, from Cambridge (which will pass through Saffron Walden, Bishops Stortford etc) and East from Ipswich (which passes through Colchester, Marks Tey, Kelvedon).

    I am told that the line from Cambridge can suffer from delays and cancellations. I have only experienced that once (and it was the only time I have been on that line, so 100% failure rate for me!) and it took me three hours from Newport to LVS.

    If you start your journey from Bishops Stortford, or anywhere south of that, that is better, and I suspect the rail service provider will do their utmost to get the trains to and from Stansted Airport running with more urgency than the line from Cambridge up to Stortford.

    We are looking at properties on the Ipswich line.

    Happy hunting.


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