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    I’d like to move to Cambridgeshire but my partner is hesitant due to the commute into London – he needs to get into Liverpool Street door to door in under an hour. I don’t know where to start as I don’t know that side of Cambridgeshire at all, so any help would be gratefully received as to where to start looking. We have 2 primary aged children and being near an excellent secondary is vital. Thanks!



    Hi Lanmum

    The best stops for Cambs to Liverpool Street are listed here:

    To the West or North of the city, trains tend to terminate at Kings Cross.

    I hope that helps



    Hi Ian Mum

    Cambridgeshire is a great place for your children to grow up and would make a fantastic move.

    In terms of speed to Liverpool Street you may be better looking south of Cambridge, villages such as Heydon and Arkesden (Essex) Saffron Walden is a lovely small town with great primaries and an outstanding secondary. However places are oversubscribed.

    If however you would prefer a city location, Cambridge itself also has many great primaries and if you chose a street off Mill Road and a Victorian terrace you could walk to the station, schools and amenities.

    Let me know a bit more detail of your requirements if you would like more help. I am currently relocating an Australian family to Cambridge.

    Best regards,


    Good evening Lanmum,

    I would welcome the opportunity of helping you with your search for your next home. Cambridge is one truly amazing city and the surrounding villages are fantastic too. Door to door to Liverpool Street in under an hour is going to exclude a lot of Cambridge. Whittlesford Parkway, Audley End, generally are around one hour ten journey times. For this reason you may wish to concentrate your search in and around Bishop Stortford as train journey times are around 45minutes.
    Feel free to ring or text me 07809 339329 or email me directly for further advice



    Hi There,
    We have 7 estate agency branches in and around Cambridgeshire at Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings. We’d be very happy to help and advise – though a number of our localities access Kings Cross ( in under an hour) rather than Liverpool Street.
    If this is of any help let me know and I will advise. If not – good luck!


    Belinda Aspinall

    Message on our facebook group

    I live in St Neots Cambridgeshire and the main train line goes into Kings Cross. I think you may need to be near to Cambridge to get into Liverpool Street. Quite a few secondary schools in Cambridge to choose from. Two good ones are St Bedes and Comberton.Shelford is on the Liverpool Street line as is Whittlesford and Great Chesterford but not sure if latter two are Cambs or Essex


    Can anyone comment on the area Great Shelford, i.e., what type of area it is? I’m considering renting a property there, commuting into London 3 days/week and if I love the area, will purchase in a year or two.

    Thanks for any guidance on this area.



    Great idea, Shelford is a really popular family suburb of Cambridge. Yoga classes, Deli and farm shop. Just been searching in this area for rental property for clients – several new build apartments available and a great four bedroomed family house. The drawback to Shelford is state secondary school provision – Local secondary is not great. Many ‘Shelford’ families send theirs to private schools. Happy to help if you would like further information.


    Hi Sarah-thanks very much for such a swift reply! New builds? Oh-I didn’t know there were any in the Shelford area!I am actually in a flat at the moment (my own) and am trying to find a house as opposed to flat only because I’m tired of having to tolerate noisy neighbours (the perks of London life:) but new builds very much appeal. I don’t have children so I have no concerns over schooling.

    I actually have a viewing tomorrow and if it doesn’t work out to be the property for me, I will keep looking. I was actually wondering what the difference is between Shelford and Great Shelford or is it insignificant?

    Best wishes….



    Great Shelford and Little Shelford run into each other, no real difference. Great is the area around the station and Woollards Lane. The two developments of new apartments are beside the station (possibly noisy?) and on the corner with Granhams Road – still being redeveloped – convenience shop planned for ground level.

    Good luck with viewings today.


    Thanks Sarah-leaving now:). Will keep you updated!


    Hi Sarah-just by way of an update: I viewed the property this morning and loved it-only drawback is that it is on the corner of the A1301 (London Rd)? and though the windows are double glazed, I could hear the traffic. Though compared to London noise, the traffic sounded like white noise to me! More concerning is that once my application was submitted to declare my interest, the agent came back to me saying the landlord is now asking for £300 more/month (apparently there was “a lot” of interest in the property); when I asked how many people expressed an interest I was told four. I have my suspicions that once the agent received my salary (and possibly others’ salaries) in writing, they advised the landlord they might be able to get more rent-if this is the case, I am not all that impressed:). One shouldn’t decide their rental based on prospective tenant’s salaries-they know nothing of our situation; I have my own property to rent out but would not get what they are asking for theirs-and so it goes. I’m now waiting to hear whether the landlord will accept the original rental they advertised the property at. Gosh-having been a home owner for the last 12 years I’ve not had to deal with agents/landlords but it seems not everything it as it seems!

    I liked the area, and the property (bungalow) is perfect for me (I have a mother with limited mobility) so if this falls through it will probably be some time before I find a suitable property. This one has been newly refurbished-new bathrooms (two-which is rare for a bungalow) and a new kitchen. The new-ness appeals, and that it is a house appeals. We shall see.

    Best regards…

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