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    Belinda Aspinall

    We have a family looking to move out of London to Tring. They really want to connect with some people who live in Tring but commute to London, they want to understand what it is like in real terms doing it every day. They are also looking for some advice about schools.

    If you know anyone who lives in Tring or you live there yourself please do add your thoughts or share this question. If you prefer not to post on the forum please just email us at

    Thanks so much


    Belinda Aspinall

    One response we’ve had

    I did Broxbourne to Blackfriars if that’s any good? I left my house at 7.10 for a 9am start and got home again at about 7. The train I used to get started at Broxbourne so I always got a seat . Liverpool Street is just busy all the time. I got the 100 bus as opposed to the tube once there though and found that more helpful


    Belinda Aspinall

    Brilliant response here

    I am familiar with the commute. We moved to Herts from London to save money, but renting up here isn’t that much cheaper, and travel to London is relatively expensive (although cheaper than some places)

    I commuted by train daily (maternity leave now) and on a good run it is very easy to go between Euston and Tring, you can usually get a seat and there were a lot of improvements to the line in 2014 (if I remember rightly). Travelling outside of rush hour is especially easy and actually enjoyable in a sunny day.

    On days with signalling failure, or lack of crew etc, it can be very stressful. I usually take an earlier train just incase of delays, but when there are severe delays or cancellations it can be impossible to get to London on time. I made it clear to work from the get go that I would be commuting and that I take care to get earlier trains (I hate being late) so if I ever am late it has genuinely been out of my control. What is usually worse is delays going home – getting to Euston to find a sea of cancellations and 1000s of agitated commuters that cant get out of London, so that when trains come back on there are so many people that most can’t board anyway.

    When you commute you have to accept that, with the best will in the world, there could be times when if there are no trains you are not going to get back to the childminder/afterschool club/dinner or whatever, in time.

    My husband does the commute by car due to the amount of equipment he carts around and the hours he works. He can get to work in 40 mins on a good day, but when the M1 is backed up it could take 2 or even 3 times as long, same thing coming home, and his fuel bills are very high.

    That said, when things are running smoothly Tring to London isnt that far and plenty of people happily do that commute for years, it gives you half hour or so to yourself in the morning, transport links are fairly good and Tring is a nice place.




    Little late to the post but I am also looking to move to Tring town center but the commute is the major concern. I was wondering on average, how long the commute took by train to get into central London if you included getting to the station? Any help of advise would be greatly appreciated.



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