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    We’re hoping to move within 10-15 minutes of Theale Station. Does anyone have any info on the station and commute. 3 main questions:

    1. Can you get a seat on the commuter time trains to London?
    2. Is it easy to park at Theale station?
    3. Do the roads to the station get quite traffic heavy (and so would need to leave longer to get there in the morning)?

    Thank you!



    Hi Becky,

    We live in West Reading, RG301HX. So Hubby gets bus on Oxford Road to Reading Station into his London Office once a week; the remaining 4 days he works out of his Reading office. Oxford Road is a nightmare to travel along most of the time.
    We’ve lived in Reading 2 years and it’s not my “Cuppa-Tea”. I’m hoping to relocate South to Southampton ASAP. But that’s a ? as hubby’s the Reading Office Manager plus Manager of a team of staff too. But it’s not quiet off the table yet?

    Please Feel free to connect with this Aussie via email: Anytime. We’ve also lived 15 years in America plus 12 months living in Cardiff, Wales which we lived. It is a Fabulous place filled with friendly locals who are warm and welcoming too! Shame about the Welsh Weather; 4 Seasons in most days. Guaranteed Rain everyday.

    I wish you a successful relocation Becky. You’ll always get a seat through to London. Then it’s standing only between train switches.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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