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    We’re thinking of a move to Godstone so will likely be commuting to London Bridge from Oxted. Am aware of the current issues with Southern which are obviously not ideal, but really wanted to find out about practicalities of parking at the station and traffic in rush hour. Is it always possible to park at the station or do you have to get there v early? Does the traffic along the A25 get really bad? Seems to take about 10 mins from Godstone to Oxted on a good day but will be have to leave a lot more time? Thanks in advance for any advice


    A follower on Twitter says:

    “Yes, one would need to get to station early if coming by car”


    Another friend on Twitter says:
    “I usually cycle from Godstone to Oxted or get the bus. Parking at Oxted station is expensive but there is a car park. The roads near by now mostly have yellow lines but there are some further out (5min walk) where you can park for free then walk up to the station. I do this if the weather isn’t great. Hope this helps” -Izzie

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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