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    Hello, we’ve been looking to move out of London to Surrey for a while now and are considering East/West Horsley and surrounding areas (for catchment areas for Howard if Effingham feeder schools) or Burpham/Merrow (for George Abbot catchment). I’m still at the stage of piecing it all together and on paper these places look like they would be a great fit for us but I can’t seem to find any details of how exactly the commute from either location into London would work, can you help? Would like to know how long trains take (into Waterloo?), how frequent at peak and off peak and what the annual rail ticket cost would be. Also, how does one actually get to the station, Park & Ride? In Guildford would it be London Rd station? Thank you very much for any advice you can provide, we will have to actually have a little look around the areas in person but it sounds like they are nice communities for families which is very important to me and there are nice houses (which is very important to my husband) with excellent schools. Thanks! The other thing I am yet to have a look at are things like pre school/nurseries and play groups in these areas…



    This area is fab – great for families, a real community.

    I’m Su – I run the station coffee shop at Horsley – the station that serves East & West Horsley. This station is a very busy commuting point with all (but one) London trains going in to Waterloo. Today is a rough day for the service but honestly, most often, it’s pretty good. The journey takes around 50 minutes depending slightly on the route (via Epsom or Via Cobham). When it goes pear-shaped it’s a nightmare but I think that’s true for everywhere isn’t it?

    It’s not cheap – and the car parking is also dear at £6 per day, so it’s helpful if you can walk or cycle to the station (there are almost always plenty of spaces).

    Closer to the Howard is Effingham – that’s on the same line. If you go as far as Bookham you are on a slower line altogether.

    Burpham & Merrow are tougher – you have to get yourself into Guildford by car or taxi, but the train is much faster as it’s direct.

    If there’s anything we can do to help direct you to the right info here we (Husband runs Quaich, the village coffee shop) are more than happy to do so. We’ve been here 14 years and have raised two girls here…and a much younger son. You can reach us via twitter (@horsleystation) and I can DM you our telephone number if you want it.

    Good luck – happy house hunting!




    Hi if you are commuting from Burpham or Merrow there is a Park and Ride in Merrow that would take you into Guildford and then it is a short walk to the station, about 5 mins walk from the bus station to the train station. The trains run frequently and go into Waterloo and the direct trains only take half an hour.

    It is a good area, good supermarkets and i really love Guildford, a great town and friendly place.

    Hope you find this helpful!



    I agree with all the above – another option into London is to come into Guildford mainline station where there are more frequent trains and some just stop at Waterloo and only take 30 minutes – Parking is £7.40 per day but you could use the Merrow Park and Ride – much cheaper but takes longer.



    Hi Nadine

    Agree with all of the above, we can help you with your property search and for schools information in the area, visit this site and type in East Horsley – the schools information is updated every two weeks and as such is more up to date than the Government’s own website – if you need any help, contact our Guildford 01483 458800 or East Horsley 01483 281010 sales branches.



    Thank you all so much for your advice! It seems I’ve opened a bit of a can of worms and find myself with even more questions…

    Diana or Alice, re Burpham/Merrow
    P&R – how long would the bus into town add to the journey do you think? I’ve hear Guildford traffic can be pretty horrendous?
    Is there anything in the way of a local high street with a cafe or deli or restaurants? Or is that all in Guildford centre?

    Su, you mentioned Bookham, what is that like? It looks like Eastwick Infant and Junior schools are very good and feed into HoE. Also, more generally, for adults as well as teenagers where do people go out, Leatherhead? Guildford? Or do they even head to London? We really must have a good look around but a little unsure where to start!

    Thank you again!

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