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    Is anyone commuting daily from Northants ? Which routes are you using ? Thanks !



    My neighbour commutes from Northampton to Euston daily, will find out more info if you let me know what you need to know.



    Thank-you ! I’m trying to judge the various pros & cons of the various commuter routes – it seems you can live much further out than you think, if you pick the right line & station !

    It would be helpful to know the insider tips – how is parking, does traffic add to the drivetime after a certain time, average actual journey time (not the published ones!), reliability of turning up, how did they manage in recent snow etc

    That would be fab, thank-you !



    Hi we live in South Northants and my husband commutes daily from Banbury (15 min drive) to Marlyebone. He catches the 0658 it takes just over an hour (fastest trains 1 hr) he always gets a good parking spot and a seat and there is WiFi on the train. The faster trains are from Northampton or Milton Keynes 35 mins to Euston so good for the city.



    Thanks !

    Is anyone going from Northampton or Kettering ?



    Thanks Emma for your post regarding commuting from Banbury. I am thinking of moving to Banbury and would need t get the 0658. Is it the Chiltern Line? I didn’t realise some trains went to Euston from Banbury, I will have to investigate further. Great to hear there is seat availability.



    Hi Amanda,

    Yes it is the Chiltern line from Banbury, which only goes into Marylebone. (or north v conveniently so lots of people also commute to Birmingham) Road network is also v good for those who drive in different directions for work like I do.

    Re-reading Emma’s comment, Euston was an option if you get the train from Milton Keynes or the stations above that on the way to Northampton – these options are an easy drive from South Northants (basically Banbury is Oxon – left turn off the M40N, turn right at the same junction and you are in South Northants, not Oxon).

    I’m so glad that the word about this great area is getting out !

    Have you seen the article on here about this site ? Also more free info on :

    We moved nearly 20 months ago, and literally daily we thank our lucky stars that we landed by accident in such an amazingly friendly and beautiful place !!

    PS my husband also does the Banbury route, gets the train around 7.45ish (not sure – I don’t pay that much attention !) he always gets a seat, parking is ok and improving with a new multi-storey – his total journey time is the same as when we lived near Basingstoke, but vastly more pleasant !

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