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    We have begun the search to move out of London and after visiting several places fell in love with Winchester.
    The only problem is my husband works in Hoxton, and as we are hoping to have a new baby after the move we fear it may be just a bit too long (we calculate around 1.45/2 hours) door to door.

    Please can someone enlighten me on the commute and how you find it, i understand there is only 1 fast train an hour which is so packed you can’t even get a seat. Is there another way we just haven’t realised?



    Hi there,
    We moved to Winchester last summer and my husband commutes in 4 days a week. He works in Fulham so has bought himself a fold up bike which he uses to cycle to the station on both ends of his commute. He gets the train from Winchester to clapham junction. We both absolutely LOVE Winchester but I have to say, he is tired after the commute which is an hour and a half each way and says he couldn’t do it 5 days a week so depends a bit on your job and how flexible it is re working from home. I think there are about 4 trains an hour, less from the outlying stations and he does usually get a seat but some of the quickest trains might be standing room between 7-8. He tends to travel either before or after.
    Good luck whatever you decide to do but with a new baby, it could be a very long day for you!! I’ve got three little ones and he may see them for an hour in the morning maximum but they are usually always asleep when he gets home. We lived 10 minutes cycle from his office back in London and only moved out when the youngest was a year old…I didn’t want to before then because it can be very lonely/isolated with babies and gets much easier to meet people once the children start school. No regrets now though.



    We deal with many people who do the Winchester-London journey on a regular basis, and whilst any commute takes a bit of getting used to, it is certainly one of the more civilised routes! You generally do get a seat, even on the fast trains and to give you an idea of how regular they go, here’s an example for a Monday morning: between 06:48 and 07:31 there are 6 direct trains to Waterloo – most of these take around 60 minutes, with the exception of one stopping service that takes 1hr 28 mins. We wrote a blog on this very topic recently, which you might find useful Please let us know if you need any further help in your search and we’d also be happy to offer any advice on life in Winchester, our contact details are on our website. Good luck!



    Along with the previous comments you have not missed any short cuts, it will be a long day. The question is whether this is the start of a fundamental change of life style, and there is a good reason that Winchester was voted by the Sunday Times as the best place to live for families….it is! Can your husband remote work or hot desk, as most would say that this is the wrong side for Hoxton. With a sunny weekend forecast, if you did live here, your choices would be shall we go to the New Forest or the South Downs National Parks, go for an ice cream on the coast, go sailing on the world famous Solent, pretend to go overseas with children to the Isle of Wight, or go for walks along the Rivers Test, Itchen or Meon. Of course I am biased, but if it is about ease of commuting, Essex or Kent. Good luck with your search


    Hi Sarah

    As the others say, the service from Winchester is such that plenty of people do it and don’t have too many issues, although I know that many try to do 1-2 days from home, especially those that work in North London. Commuting-wise you may also want to consider some of the villages to the north of Winchester, such as Micheldever Station, which provides a very good commuter link into Waterloo and is a fraction quicker.

    At the risk of sounding mildly flippant, a decision to relocate to a new area often tends to outlast any ties to a job or company, so perhaps it is worth taking on a few years of pain keeping in mind the longer term goal – and possible work-relocation to closer to Waterloo or even Winchester/Basingstoke/Southampton…? This is of course entirely dependent on factors I cannot presume to know!

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