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    Can anyone give me an indication of the likely costs of a nursery or childminder in Surrey, outside Guildford towards Gomshall.




    I’m not up on Childcare as my children are University age, but if you don’t find a satisfactory answer from members I can do some research for you. My business helps people with all sorts of admin and research projects, so if you get stuck give us a call




    My son went to a reputable nursery in Guildford between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. As you know, the age of your child is also a determinant in how much you will have to pay for the childcare, the younger they are, the more it costs.. We paid £59 a day or £36 for a half day which is a cheaper rate in Guildford. We only decided to take my son out of the nursery when they raised the prices to £61 and £39 respectively. I wish we had chosen a childminder over the nursery.

    My son has been going to a local childminder and it’s been fabulous. Not only are we saving hundreds of pounds a month (!), my son also gets a lot more one-on-one attention. He hasn’t been sick since we started with this childminder whereas he got sick at least once a month at the nursery. Anyway, the childminders in the area charge around £5.50-£6.00 for an hour and of course you only have to pay for the hours that you actually need. Nurseries charge for the full day or for the full half day, regardless of how many hours you will actually take your child in for. As long as your childminder has a good approach to her/his job (which ours definitely does), I would certainly go with a childminder.



    We have been to see 5 nurseries (castle, Asquith, teddies, loseley fields, bell house and major minors) in Guildford and Godalming in the last few weeks. The fees vary a bit, but when you’re working out what it will cost make sure you factor in early /late drop offs, nappies/formula, etc.

    We found most places were about £270 pw for full time.



    Sorry, 6!

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