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    Hi, am thinking of moving here from London and would appreciate any info on schools, village atmosphere compared to the surrounding areas (is it one of the nicer villages?) and living near Bicester in general. Thanks in advance, Karen.



    Hi, I work for an Oxfordshire-based independent letting agency so I can give an opinion on what I know of the area, although I have never personally lived there.

    Chesterton is a lovely village and is in a great location. Bicester has recently had quite a bit of development (a £70 million injection!) so it is a great town to be close to; there is a new large supermarket, a multi-screen cinema and there is, of course, Bicester Village if you are a shopper! The road and rail links from the town are excellent, although this can mean traffic at peak times (Friday nights can be very busy).

    Are you looking for any schools in particular? I’m not sure whether you’re looking to buy or rent, but on our website we have a search function by schools (and each property also lists the nearest schools) and includes Ofsted and inspection reports for public and private schools which might help (

    If you have any other specific questions do let me know,

    Victoria Lyall



    Hi Karen,

    Chesterton is definitely nice but I know some locals feel that it is at risk of becoming swallowed up by the Bicester expansion. What particularly is drawing you there, perhaps there are other alternatives we could suggest ?

    BTW The Finders website Victoria suggests is a great resource for info in this area !


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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