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    hi, my husbans works in south cambridge and i wirk in central london (green park). we are looking for a nice place to move and founf that Bishop’s Stortford is quite pretty with wood scools and relatively good conmuting. Do you have any experience? how is the communting ? how busy and can you get a seat? What are your thoughts on Bishop’s and do you have any other areas to suggest?


    Knight Frank

    Hi Maria,

    Bishop’s Stortford is extremely well placed for those commuting to both London and Cambridge with direct services taking around 29 minutes to Tottenham Hale (then 20 minutes to Green Park) and from 31 minutes to Cambridge. With regards to the commute it is very easy as you can see above, but some trains can be busier than others. You are more likely to always get a seat on the train at the stop before Bishop’s Stortford which is Stansted Mountfitchet. This is about a 10 minute drive away and there is parking at the station.

    The town has a range of excellent schools including private options such as Bishop’s Stortford College and a number of primary and secondary state schools rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted including Hockerill Anglo-European College and Herts & Essex High School.

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    Kind regards,

    Knight Frank Bishop’s Stortford



    Hi Maria,

    As you have already identified, and as is supported by Knight Frank above, BS is well placed if you need commuting both to London and Cambridge. It’s been a while since I commuted to London as I stopped when I had my daughter, but I did commute from Stortford for many years. There is never a guarantee of a seat, but I would say that provided the lines are working as they should, you should have a good chance. Schools in Stortford are good, both at Primary and Secondary level. My advice would be not to fixate on the “Outstanding” Oftsted reports. My daughter went to an Outstanding primary in Stortford, but her cousins and many friends went to different schools, all of which were excellent. At the end of the day, an Ofsted report only looks at results and not the individual child’s needs and preferences. Again, secondary schools are very good. Yes, Hockerill, Herts and Essex and the College are well regarded, but you also have other fabulous secondaries such as Birchwood and St Mary’s (Catholic). Again, I know children who have gone to all these schools and they have all have their good/bad points, but fundamentally, the parents and children are happy.

    If you wanted to consider somewhere further out, Saffron Walden might be worth considering. Trains are outside of town, based at Audley End station (earlier on your journey so likely to get a seat, but possibly fewer trains?). Your husband’s journey to Cambridge would be shorter. I would say, though, be prepared for a quieter option. If you have children, then Stortford has a bit more going on.

    Despite living in Stortford for many years, I know live in one of the villages outside Saffron Walden. It is much more rural, despite only being a few miles out of Stortford, but that suits us. Be prepared to be a bit of a taxi service for your kids, though, if you do decide on moving further out. Public transport isn’t great!

    Whatever you decide, best of luck!

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