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    Hi! It’s looking likely that I’ll get a job across Hastings/Eastbourne and we’re looking at moving down from London where we’ve lived for 10yrs. My husband will still need to commute into London a few days a week and we have 2 young children so schools are a factor. I’m trying to work out where it would be good for us to settle. I enjoy being part of a diverse community, family friendly events, a bit of the arts, and hubby would like to get back into low key sailing again.

    I’ve family in Battle and I was actually born and bred in Hastings but moved away when I was 13 so my local knowledge/memory is seriously dated! I love visiting Bexhill and the seafront when visiting my folks but I know that doesn’t really give me the full picture. I’m drawn to Bexhill but wonder what it’s like out of the summer season.

    I woke love to hear people’s thoughts and experiences. Thank you!

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