Bath – town or village?

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    Hi all, considering the big move from London to Bath and seen two houses one in town on borders of Landsown / Charlcombe and the other in a village called Bathford. We hadn’t considered a village before but you certainly get a bigger garden. We are a mixed race family so not sure we’d fit in to village life, am I wrong? Everyone talks about the terrible traffic into Bath so would it be better to be in the city with a smaller garden and perhaps a more diverse set of people? Does anyone know anything about Bathford primary or do lots of kids go to the schools in Bath? Thanks!


    Hi Lynn. You certainly get a bit more for your money the further out of the city centre you go. If outside space and/or allocated parking is your priority, you’ll find more joy looking on the outskirts of Bath in areas such as Batheaston, Bathford & Bathampton, all of which are only about 10 minutes from the city centre.

    However, outside space isn’t impossible to find in more central areas such as Lansdown, Larkhall, Combe Down & Widcombe, so it’s worth considering both; but these areas will be more expensive than the villages surrounding Bath.

    In terms of diversity, I think that the city and villages are fairly similar. Bath & its surrounding areas are very welcoming, and I hope you would feel at home in either location.

    I don’t have first-hand experience of Bathford Primary, but I see it has an Outstanding OSTED rated and although it only has 183 pupils (relatively small) it was not over-subscribed in 2016.

    Good luck with your house hunt!



    Dear Lynn,

    As Toby has mentioned the Bath area is quite diverse and therefore this concern shouldn’t have a bearing on where you decided to live.

    In regards to traffic, it really depends where you’re traveling too, the time or day etc. Outside rush hour it’s generally quite easy to get around.

    Bathford is a lovely village but only has a primary school, so you might want to consider if you have kids who are about or will move in the next few years to a secondary school how this will effect your mornings/afternoons and whether this might add time pressures you don’t currently have. As for schooling in general, Bath a great mix of highly rated options, including both private and public.

    Depending on budget do look at Coombe Down, Weston, Lansdown in addition to villages like Bathford, Corston and Kingsdown.

    I hope that helps you? I’d be delighted to answer any other questions you have.

    Ashley J. Saunders



    Hi Lynn,

    A friend of mine moved to the Bath area for a new job she’d taken but she couldn’t afford the inner city housing there. She moved to a little village called Peasedown St John which is just a few miles out from Bath but she has some lovely rural views!

    She tells me that she has to commute via train into the city as the traffic is indeed a real difficulty.

    Although I couldn’t speak from personal experience, I’d say that it would at least be worth looking into some villages. I wouldn’t worry about you being a mixed race family – most people are very friendly and tolerant.

    All the best!


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