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    We are considering a move out of London end of next year to be closer to family and change pace of living a little. We have family in North Somerset and the East Midlands (around Stamford) and are open to both options.
    Having tied ourselves in knots trying to work out what to do, we have decided that a safer bet would be to try living in one City for a year whilst keeping a London job and renting out our place there, so that we can trial living in a new area with a view to changing jobs and buying a house once we feel we are settled.
    That way if it doesn’t all work out we can move back into our place in London and still have the same job i.e. not putting all of our eggs in one basket.

    Our first option is Bath. We know the commute is expensive (and long ish) but just wondering if anyone has done this or is doing this? Any tips or recommendations?
    We have a 17month old so would like to be located near amenities and not too far from Bath Spa train station but don’t really know Bath that well. We are in a bit of a ‘research’ phase but ideally would like to move beginning of 2019. We have considered Bristol but it seems the commute would be even further and cost of living higher.

    All info and experience of living in Bath and commuting back to London very welcome!

    Many thanks,


    Hi Abbie

    I think that Bath is a relatively popular area for commuters to London. There are regular services from Bath Spa to London Paddington & the journey time is currently around 90 minutes. Living in Bristol would add another 15/20 minutes onto your journey.

    If the electrification of the rail line is ever completed (something of an ongoing saga), the journey time should shorten to around 75 minutes.

    It’s a popular route, so I can’t promise that the journey will be a comfortable one – the trains are frequent, but busy.

    We’ve encountered plenty of people in a similar situation to you, and the most popular course of action seems to be to rent for a while to see if the lifestyle suits you… ‘try before you buy’!

    Areas of Bath within walking or easy cycling distance of the railway station would include the city centre, Widcombe, Bear Flat and Oldfield Park; I would centre your search around these locations. You could also consider lower Lansdown, Camden and Newbridge, but they’re slightly further from the station.

    Good luck!



    Hi Abbie

    The family and I moved to a village about 5 miles from Bath 5 years ago from London. Bath does offer almost everything with great shopping and culture. Everything does take a bit longer in my experience but everything is here for you. You might like to consider outlying town/ villages with a station like Bradford on Avon. Whilst I have not done the commute the time once electrification of the line is finished will be shorter. I hope you are looking forward to a slower pace of life!




    Hi Abbie,

    Toby has offered lots of great advice for you there!

    I can offer some additional reassurance that we have also encountered many families looking to relocate to Bath on this basis. It seems to be something that is done quite frequently & successfully. If I happen to speak to any of our current tenants that are actually ‘living’ this set up over the next couple of weeks – I will see if they are happy to get in contact with you & reply via this website.

    If you want to talk further & more in depth – do get in touch. I have a toddler myself, so can offer plenty of insider advice regarding bringing children up in Bath, as well as potentially helping you get all of your ducks in a row when it comes to the renting of your London home (via our network of Hamptons branches in London)

    Good luck & best wishes,
    Hamptons Bath – Lettings Office



    Thanks everyone. This is helpful!
    Good to have some recommended areas to focus on. We would definitely consider villages nearby but I guess for the initial renting phase we need to reduce the commute as much as poss so being as near to the station as comfortably possible would be good.

    Thanks for the offer of help with renting too Stacey. The Hamptons office here have already been really helpful so will definitely look you up when the time is right!



    Hi Abbie,

    Exciting times ahead for you!

    You have already been given some very good advice and if you did move to Bath you’d be joining an ever growing number of people choosing to relocate here from London. Our experience is that people move here because they relish a slower pace of life, excellent schools, beautiful countryside and living in a world heritage city – oh, and the property prices compared to London!

    Having commuted to London in the past, I can only agree with Toby that the Paddington trains do get busy but, you certainly wouldn’t be alone in living in Bath and working in London. Some of the nearby towns, such as Bradford on Avon, also have trains going into London Waterloo.

    I’d be more than happy to discuss things in more detail or help with advice on the property rental market in and around Bath if you want to get in touch. We could certainly help you when you’re ready to start your search for the right property for you to rent.

    Kind regards,

    Bath Property Buying Agents

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