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    We’re researching (by internet at the moment as we’re out of the country) a lovely place to move to.
    We will need to travel to London maybe just one day a week so would like somewhere with say a 90 min commute.
    We love the look of the Georgian townhouses in devizes. What is this town like for someone coming from out of town? (Australia & London). And do people drive to pewsey to get the train to London?
    We love the idea of a smaller village as well, especially with a lovely community & good schooling. Our daughter is 6.
    The Cotswolds is another consideration.
    Our budget for a 3 bed house is 350,000, which I know is a bit tight as we want a decent sized garden.
    Any suggestions That would help us narrow things a bit to visit on our next trip back?
    Bee x



    Hello! I live in the Vale of Pewsey, commute from Pewsey, and Devizes is our market town.

    I moved here from the US, but my husband had previously lived in Devizes for a decade. Devizes has a really nice mix of people, independent shops (including one of the best butchers in the UK), and a down-to-earth attitude. As with any community, you get out of it what you put into it.

    We much prefer it to Marlborough, although the Waitrose in Marlborough comes in handy once a month or so. A lot of people also specifically want Marlborough catchment for St John’s for secondary school. We went for a village and village primary school to start, and now our son is at Dauntsey’s for secondary, but there are lots of excellent options which lets you choose based on personal taste and feel for the community.

    I’m on Pewsey side, so Pewsey station is my daily hub. Other stations on that line include Bedwyn and Westbury. Or from the other side of Devizes you can get onto the Swindon line at Chippenham. Each station has it’s advantages and disadvantages in terms of train time, cost, parking, etc.

    I’d highly recommend a visit to see if it’s a fit for you.




    We moved to Marlborough last year. We choose Marlborough because we were looking for a good secondary school (St Johns) and a place where we could get a 4 bed house for less than £350k (tricky but possible!).

    My husband drives to Hungerford to get the train, we’re just off the A4 on the Hungerford side of Marlborough so this is an easy route for him. From there he can get to Paddington in about 1 hour 20 minutes. It costs £2.40 to park for the day. Usually my husband goes to Egham rather than London and that costs approx £16.

    Originally we were looking at Marlborough or Cirencester but loved the hills of Marlborough. It is a nice town with lots of coffee shops and a good community.

    I hope this helps & good luck with your move!


    Following on from what everyone else has said, and to try and add to it…

    Devizes is a great place to live with good road links and almost everything you need here, apart from a Waitrose! You also get more for your money than you do in Marlborough. The Beckhampton roundabout inbetween Devizes and Marlborough is effectively the East/ West divide, at least in terms of house prices, with everything Marlborough side being a little dearer and everything West of the line being better value for money until you start being affected by Bath.

    In the mid 19th Century Devizes was gentrified by the Georgians and many building especially in and around the Market Place have Georgian facades and are timber framed behind so it’s very pretty and has lots of history!

    We sold an immaculate 5 bed Georgian townhouse off the Bath Road in the middle of last year for around £480,000, we will be bringing it’s smaller neighbor on to the market in the Spring so they are around and do come on to the market.

    Villages, especially in the Pewsey Vale tend to be more sought after and house prices are correspondingly higher, however it is a lovely part of the world to live and really takes some beating!

    Lavington School has a very good reputation and has good results. Devizes School doesn’t have as good a reputation however actually has better results than St Johns, Marlborough which has the brand new campus.

    Depending on which side of Devizes you live will probably dictate whether you go to Pewsey or Chippenham to go into London. Both stations have services that will get you into London in under 90 minutes.

    I hope that helps, anything else please ask!



    Hi Bee

    I agree with all the above.

    Marlborough is more expensive to buy a house than Devizes. So you’ll get more bang for your buck in Devizes. However, Marlborough is a lovely place to live. It has a great school (St. Johns).

    I live in stunning Pewsey Vale, halfway between Marlborough and Devizes. A lovely village with an excellent (Beacon status) Primary School (I’ve done School Governor duties here), a pub, a shop and a church. And incredible walks on the doorstep. However, Lavington Secondary School is where all our kids went to school – and my wife has been a School Governor there for many years. it does not have a 6th form there – yet!

    Should I ever need to go to London (and my reasons are getting less and less) then a 40 minute drive to Swindon gives frequent and a fast service. A 10 minute totter through lovely lanes however, and I arrive at Pewsey station. Less frequent trains, but more chance of getting a seat ………… And much nicer fellow travellers – who actually talk to each other! But less options for the return journey, especially after a night to the theatre.

    You’ll love it here. I’ve lived here for over 35 years. It’s God’s country.

    Hope this helps.




    Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply! We will certainly be exploring your area on our next trip over. Your tips and advice has all been noted and the area added to my property search (I’ve turned into a zoopla and right move addict)!
    Bob what is Swindon like to park at when you get the train? Is it busy at peak times?
    Julie where do you commute to from pewsey?
    Thanks everyone!
    Bee x



    I commute from Pewsey to London Paddington. My office is in Westbourne Grove, so I either walk to work along the canal or hop on the H&C for a couple of stops for the final leg.



    That’s quite a long commute Julie, but good to know it’s possible.
    I hope you’re all dry and not dealing with floods. We’re dealing with bushfires at the moment in aus… Not fun.
    (Btw: Westbourne park was where I first lived in London many moons ago!)

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