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    Apart from Didsbury and Chorlton which are the other affluent areas with tree lined streets, shops, cafes etc. Looking to buy nice 3 bed house, doesn’t have to be in Manchester, somewhere on suburbs or close to countryside is fine with good links.

    Also good to get confirmation if weather is good, heard it rains a lot in Manchester??





    We moved from Streatham to Wilmslow nearly 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. It has a lovely village feel without being too small. Quick links into Manchester (20-25mins) and London is only 1hr 50 mins direct on Virgin.

    It is a bit wetter but that means it’s also very green. You can get the perfect balance of town and country without having to go very far at all.

    There are a great many quality pubs and restaurants in and around Wilmslow or if that’s not your thing we are on top of some fantastic National Trust properties such as Quarry Bank, Dunham Massey and Lyme Park.

    Hope this is of some help.



    Thanks Russel

    Our plans are to reduce our mortgage and get a lovely house, thinking Manchester as would be too much a shock from London and opportunities for jobs. As long as not too much rain compared to the south :). Like the idea also being near countryside, Peak District and the lakes!

    Can I ask your reasons for choosing this part of the country?




    I live in Monton nr Worsley. It’s had a new lease of life since the rise of media city and the move of the BBC. We’re very happy here, lots of nice restaurants and shops, close to the city centre and road/tram networks.

    I have friends in Timperley, they are very happy there. So worth looking at.




    Bizarrely, like Russel, we also moved from Streatham. We’re living in Sale and have been there for 18 months now. We chose Sale as have family in the area, but it’s pretty well located for getting around and has everything you need. Much of the area around Manchester/Cheshire is incredibly green and leafy. You might also look at Altrincham, which is a stone’s throw from a couple of National Trust properties and has an active cafe/restaurant culture. Timperley, Hale and Bowdon are all really close to Altrincham, so it’s worth looking at properties there too, depending on budget.

    We’ve really enjoyed the move and are still amazed by how easy it is to get from place to place, particularly by car, as even heavy traffic here has nothing on London traffic, so you get a lot further in the time.

    Any of the places I have mentioned (or the other posters have mentioned) are pretty close to Manchester itself and it’s pretty easy to get into Manchester from them either by car / train / tram.

    Oh, and the weather is mostly a myth!



    Thank you all. Our budget is max 450k. We have to find work too, So any help in how to find work in Manchester would be most appreciated and recommended removal companies from London to Manchester who are professional and reasonable.

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