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    Hello, I’m moving to Compton (near Godalming) with my husband and young son in March – any info on the area would be much appreciated! My husband will be commuting to London every day – I’m interested to hear how people find the journey. I’m also interested in local playgroups for my toddler and anything else anyone may think to be of interest.
    Thanks Kirsty


    Surrey Mummy

    Hi Kirsty

    Good luck with your move to Surrey! We have a website for families living in Surrey called
    It is packed full of listings & reviews for clubs, classes, places to visit and things to do in Surrey. We have a what’s on calendar for local events. Do pop by and see us to find out what’s on and where to go with your little one when you move! We hope the site is especially useful for those new to the area!

    With regards to the commute – My husband does commute in daily to London from Guildford and it works really well for us, and Godalming is only few minutes beyond Guildford. It’s probably just shy of an hour from Godalming to Waterloo. Seats however can be a rarity on the route into London even at silly o clock in the morning! We do have lots of current Surrey Mummies to hand on our chat board who may be able to answer your question too so do feel free to post there as well.

    We have retweeted the original Life After London tweet and will post here if we get any good answers.

    Good luck!

    The Surrey Mummy Team



    Hi I live in Farncombe, we moved here jn August 2012. My husband works in central london and gets the train every day. Where is your husband hoping to go from? Is it Farncombe station? Will he walk cycle or drive to farncombe station? It’s a 45min train journey into Waterloo and my husband says its very good journey and he gets a seat. Do you have school aged children?





    I moved to Bramley – nr Godalming 5 years ago from Putney when my daughter was new born and we love it here! Great schools, easy access to London and lovely countryside all on our doorstep. We spent last weekend on a sledge!

    I set up a business for local mums and tots (under 5) in Guildford which provides fitness classes for mums and baby/kids activites and coffee mornings for local families. We have over 500 mums signed up enjoying our classes – many of which have moved from the London area and are like you, looking to meet like minded friends.

    As for getting into London, my other half drives and parks for free at Farncombe station and gets into Waterloo in about 35 mins. Farncombe is the stop before Guildford so you get a seat and can park for free on the residential roads nearby. V handy!

    Hope the info helps and good luck with the move!




    HI we moved from London last August too and it’s been a big adjustment but definitely worth it! We love near Shere so not far from where you’re moving too and my husband does the London commute daily too as will I when I go back to work. It’s fine once you get used to it but certain trains are a lot busier than others and there are some car parking tips if he’s going from Guildford. I have a toddler and a new baby and can THOROUGHLY recommend Julie’s venture-Busy Lizzy’s It has been a lifesaver for me to keep the children entertained and meet new people, a lot of whom have moved from London themselves. I don’t know about playgroups near Compton but there’s a little softplay near you in Farncombe that is good for toddlers and also lots going on in the libraries and local leisure centres. I would be very happy to meet for a coffee before/after you’ve moved as I am fresh from the experience myself and am sure my toddler would like to meet other little friends too!



    By the way Julie didn’t pay me to say that! Just read my post and looks like I’m part of her advertising team 🙂


    Belinda Aspinall

    Message from a lady in Compton Village
    There are plenty of very good schools in the area depending on whether she wants state or independent. Both Guildford and Godalming abound with good schools but there is no school in Compton. Similarly at the moment there are no playgroups that I know of in Compton but again plenty in Godalming, Guildford and Farncombe. The web site is a pretty good source of information for all that goes on in our village. (



    Wow – thanks everyone!! I’m blown away by your friendly, helpful and fast responses!! I really do feel better about moving already 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to joining Bizzy Lizzy’s – I’ve heard such positive comments and I’m dying to get back to feeling fit and healthy after a very sicky pregnancy.

    To the Surrey Mummy team – I’d found your website through the LAL website so have been checking out what’s going on – thanks for all the advice.

    Dear Rebecca – Guildford station parking tips (as mentioned above) would be gratefully received!! As would a coffee when we move down – we’re moving on 8th March so I’ll be in touch!



    Hi Kirsty

    You have loads of info there. Compton being between Guildford and Godalming you get the best of both worlds. Godalming is a lovely town centre with lots of great independent shops and restaurants/cafes including Mummas & Beans a lovely cafe for New mums and babies/pre schoolers and Cafe Mila too. There is also a new venture opening up in Guildford in March called the Riverside Centre which will be running activities for all ages.



    We are currently looking for somewhere to move to in the Guildford area and have seen a beautiful house in Compton, however I’m concerned there really isn’t anything on the doorstep, which is a big lifestyle change for me. I’m still in the process of learning to drive so I’m still very used to jumping on the tubes and buses to get around in London and having a few shops and cafes on the doorstep for meeting people?
    We have fallen in love with the house, but I’d be interested to know how you’ve settled into the area in the last 18 months Kirsty (or anyone else that has moved to a small village from London) and what your social life is like. I envisage that my son would go to the local primary, so hopefully that would help us to make friends. Are there lots of ex-Londoners in the area? Do families get together at the pub etc at the weekends? My husband will be commuting into town and I’m concerned about being isolated. Many thanks



    Hi Eloise

    I’m a former resident of Compton and have lived in and around this area all of my life, so I thought I’d add some info and my thoughts.

    Compton is lovely, it’s a very friendly, quiet village. My neighbours when I was there (I left in February 2014) seemed to be families with young children and older couples/elderly single people. The village has no day-to-day facilities like a shop or post office, there are 2 excellent pubs/restaurants, the social club on the green and a couple of antiques shops. If you need a bottle of milk etc there are 2 local Nisa shops in Binscombe, the next village along. The closest supermarkets I used to use were either Sainsbury’s or Waitrose in Godalming, the Tesco superstore in North Guildford or a smaller Tesco Express in Milford. Plus the local Nisa shops in Binscombe/Farncombe.

    Nearest mainline station is Farncombe, or you can drive up Down Lane onto Farnham Road for access to Guildford station. Parking would be easier at Farncombe, and you have more chance of getting a seat on the early morning commuter trains.

    Compton is surrounded by countryside so brilliant if you like walking or cycling, but as you say is a little remote. I live on my own and have now moved to a town centre as I enjoy being able to walk to things on my days off, whereas in Compton I was constantly using my car.

    As you don’t yet drive you would be limited to walking, cycling, or using the bus services (I think they were one an hour or something like that) to Godalming or Guildford etc. There was also a ‘Hopper’ minibus service taking residents to local towns for a small charge, which had various operating times.

    The area is beautiful and I would recommend it, if you don’t mind being a couple of miles from facilities. I found it very friendly, so I’m sure when you are involved with the local schools in Binscombe you will meet people. However for me, being on my own, the benefits of living in a busy town centre where I don’t need to rely on my car or a taxi home from a night out far outweighed the beautiful countryside and quiet village location. But also, I would add to that, that I don’t have children, so perhaps would’ve felt more settled having children at school and being involved with other parents!

    I would spend as much time in the area as you can, talk to the schools and find out what activities they have on. As a former estate agent I would also discuss the possibility of renting in the area first, so you can get a really good feel for what the area is like to live in, rather than buying and then perhaps feeling like the area is too isolated. Always something to consider, and can be a good step if you’re making a move to an unknown area.

    Good luck, and feel free to ask any other questions if you think I can help 🙂



    Also try asking on Godalming Community Board it’s on Facebook. People will be very honest with you on there too. Farncombe Station is about to have resident only parking permits out in place all around the roads near the station so you won’t be able to easily park there anymore. The schools are over subscribed in Farncombe & Godalming. To get into one of the more popular schools you will need to live very close to it. Living in Compton you will have to drive everywhere and the buses can be nearly 2hrs apart some days. I would say that coming from a busy London area you may find yourself feeling very isolated if you husband is also commuting everyday too. I would suggest moving into Farncombe itself as it’s a lovely little village with good facilities and walking distance to train station. We chose Farncombe for that reason. You can also walk into Godalming town which has fantastic mummy & baby groups. You can also hop onto the train at Farncombe and be in Guildford town centre in exactly 5 minutes. It is also 11mins to woking from there too. Great for the theatre nights! I love Compton but we chose Farncombe for the reasons above 🙂

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