Forgotten in a move

Moving time can be stressful but don't fall into the trap of forgetting these critical things.

Thanks to Ashley Morgan from One Stop Organisers for her top tips

moving house

Ten Most Forgotten Things to Do For Your House Move:

1. When checking shelves in empty cupboards always stand on a chair (safety, please!) as

things can get stuck at the back and you won’t see them. Umbrellas / sticks, etc, get left

behind open doors, as do coats / hooks, etc.

2. Tip your removers. They’ll appreciate it.

3. Make a list of who to tell you’ve moved – go through your home filing to make sure you

don’t leave anyone out. Also tell your window cleaner and anyone that regularly comes to

do a job at your home, especially if you are moving out of the area and you won’t be using

their services in the future.

4. To stop mail you don’t want being redirected, and to stop receiving mail for previous

occupiers at your new address, register with the Mail Preference Service:  It’s also worth returning unopened marketing material,

with a label saying ‘Return to sender. Addressee not known here. Please remove from

database.’ This also helps stop unwanted mail arriving.

5. Pets get stressed. It’s worth boarding them at the vets or wherever you take them when you

go away, so that they are not a safety hazard to themselves and others. Do this even for

packing days as they will be stressed by lots of people in the house who they don’t know.

6. Lightbulbs – if you have several that are blown you might want to replace them for your

buyers. Imagine it was you moving in and how you would feel! If you are renting you’ll

definitely have to do this or have replacing them taken out of your deposit.

7. Don’t forget the meters. It’s easy to remember to read the gas and electricity, but if you

have a water meter that’s outside in the road, be ready with a torch, a plastic cup to scoop

out any standing water, and a cloth to wipe the silt away!

8. Bedding – make sure you get the movers to label this clearly and to let you know where they

put it. One of the first things you’ll want to do at the other end is make the bed up, so when

you’ve had enough you can fall straight into bed.

9. Keep things you need immediately to hand. Make up a box containing soap, towel, toilet roll,

scissors, tools, batteries, torch, anti-bacterial wipes, phone charger and snacks. And don’t

forget an overnight bag.

10. And remember, no-one actually needs to know on the day that you moved that day. It’s

totally fine to tell the utilities over the coming week, as long as you give the correct date of

move and readings.

moving house

Ashley Jordan is a moving home project manager.  She can help, manage, discuss, supervise, hand-hold, pass tissues, give hugs, advise, take direction, give direction, troubleshoot (e.g when a completion doesn’t happen on time or a supplier lets us down) and act as an emotional barrier.  Practically she is on hand to liaise with and introduce to all professional contacts as required as well as trades; researching and investigating if they are not part of the everyday armoury.  She will also clutter clear, deal with auction houses, gumtree, charity shops and other sites as required.  She will manage all the removal quotations and liaison, and supervise them on packing and move day.  She will help label and identify items to go to multiple locations and will be on hand to ensure that everything is packed onto the correct van. Ashley will read meters and liaise with old and new utility and telephony companies as well as home providers and set up a spreadsheet to produce letters to inform all financial providers, loyalty cards and all the people you haven't considered.  She will make herself totally indispensable in your move and you'll wonder how you coped without her!

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