Flowers to my door

Flowers to my door

I don’t know about you but flowers really do cheer me up.  I look on with envy at my friends who have gardens IMG_7092where they can always be picking something and ensure a little vase of a delicious smelling rose or pretty posy.   I am also a bid jealous of friends who bother to buy themselves flowers every week.

I want to be one of those people who have fresh flowers in my house but I have two problems

  1. I don’t have time to go to a florist
  2. I don’t like buying supermarket flowers

Imagine my delight therefore on Friday when a beautifully simple box stuffed full of peonies arrived on my doorstep courtesy of Freddie's Flowers.  It’s a new business which means once a fortnight I’ll receive a bunch of freshly cut carefully selected flowers - right to my door!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.03.51All I had to do was pop them in water and suddenly the house looks cheery and I look like and feel like a grown up.
The peonies were all tightly closed but within 24 hours the first opened and now, well they are spectacular and I’m absolutely thrilled.

Freddie’s Flowers
are new kids on the block and I predict that as soon as they launch publicly in September they are going to be much in demand.  For now, if you too would like fresh flowers delivered to your house you’re in luck - they are open (for London only at this stage I’m afraid!).

It costs £20 a delivery - you can’t do a one off delivery but the joy is you can cancel at any point.  I’m not one to spend on life’s luxuries but I really do feel if I do it fortnightly then £20 is really worth it.IMG_7119

I imagine they will be brilliant for anyone selling a house - what better way to make sure you’re all prepared for a viewing.  But meanwhile, I’m not selling and I don’t need an excuse…I’m off to admire the flowers - really really so beautiful and so easy.

You heard it here first!

If you want to order you can email Freddie directly at or for more information check out their website which will be launching in the Autumn.

Freddie’s flowers


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  1. I have had my first lot of flowers delivered last Friday, they were the gladioli s they are so nice, its a pleasure to see them in my vases. Thank you very much.


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