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We recently published an article about using an online agent to sell your home in London.  I haven't previously been recommended anyone particular but I had a good feeling for Sell my Home and the importance they place on Customer Service. You can read the article again here for my thoughts.

Following this article, I was very interested to have the chance to chat with a couple who had recently used the service. I wanted to ask them a few questions which I thought might be useful for anyone considering using Sell my Home.  I think hearing from real people who have used them is useful in making decisions so hopefully this will help with your research.

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What Made you go to an internet agent?

We'd had a number of high street estate agents over to value our property, all providing such mixed advice and valuations. Quite a few people started to ask if we'd ever considered trying an online estate agent, so we looked into the concept, Sell My Home just came out top for us!


What were the reasons for choosing SellMyHome?

The service we got was really personal and friendly. Not once did we ever feel pushed into choosing them. When seeking advice from high street agents in the past, we were often left confused, after receiving conflicting advice.  The team at SMH kept it simple. Even down to their t's & c's - everything just seemed to make sense!


Have you used an online agent before - to buy or sell?

No, we'd always gone down the traditional route, however without a doubt we'd always use an online agent again. We'd also very much consider using SMH if we ever needed to rent a property too.


Have your friends used them or people you know?

Yes, friends of ours seemed so impressed with how easy our selling process was, and the service we received from SMH that since our sale, we've had a number of friends who have signed up with them!


Why did you feel they would be better than a traditional agent?

SMH offer varying levels of packages depending on services.  What appealed to us is that after choosing and paying for this, that's it...! Unlike high street agents, they don't take a percentage fee of your final sale price! That for us, was an incredible saving and has enabled us to put that money towards furniture in our new house!


Were you nervous about it?

Ever so slightly, as we knew that we were choosing to take a 'non traditional' route.  However, we knew we had time on our side to make our sale, so we didn't have that as an added pressure.


What things did they do well?

SMH helped us find the right buyer offering really valuable advice from the moment we got interest, to the last signature on that dotted line. One thing in particular we really appreciated was their genuine care to help us sell our property, and for a price that we were hoping for.


What things did you not like?

Not much! The odd viewing didn't turn up, but that is no one’s fault!


How did the price you received in the end for the sale of your property compare to traditional agents’ valuations?

We were very happy with our final sale price. The guys at SMH really helped us in those final moments of getting the maximum price from our buyer. Their experience of this negotiation stage, proved to be invaluable for us as we'd never sold a property before.


Did you pay extra for the negotiation help/sale board etc - why if you did and why not if you didn't?

We ended up choosing to go with the 'gold package', of which included sale board / property details leaflets etc. It is a very reasonable fee for a top package offering, so we weren't too averse to paying it.


Was money the deciding factor for using an online agent?

Obviously the idea of making that saving on the percentage sale price agent fees, was a huge appeal as it was a significant amount of money. However, for us it was the service SMH offered that was the winner for us. A really genuine care for the process we were embarking on - I never could have believed that selling a house could be made into a stress free journey!

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