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Chatting with James Greenwood of Stacks was very interesting. He set out the critical points to know if you're thinking about using a buying agent.  He makes some very valid points that is for sure.  If you're moving out of London it's definitely worth considering a buying agent, they can help you with all the challenges of buying in a new area.

Appraising market price:

Our job is to appraise the market price accurately, taking everything into consideration; and equally importantly to assess the purchaser's situation – this can have a dramatic impact on the price they are willing to accept. Negotiation of price and terms, closing the deal, and progressing the sale in such a way that it reaches its conclusion successfully and with minimal drama are the strengths that a purchaser buys into when using a buying agent.

Finding the right property

Finding the right property is of course a large part of the buying agent’s job, and in the current market there are many properties that aren’t actually on the market that we know are quietly available for sale. We also spot many excellent properties whose particulars have failed to do them justice; and we will look at properties that may appear to be too expensive for a client, knowing that negotiation will bring it into the right category.


While seeking out property is an important part of the buying agent’s job, it represents only one aspect of the service. One of the greatest advantages to the buyer is having someone to negotiate on their behalf - much of the value of the service is concluding the negotiations for our clients at the best possible price, on the best terms and conditions.

Concluding the sale

Once we have negotiated the best deal, we then progress the transaction, iroing out all the myriad of problems that arise through the conveyancing and surveying process in such a way that it reaches it’s conclusion with as little drama as possible.  We aim to save our clients money, and they consistently see savings well in excess of our fee.

Saving time and money

It’s ironic that buying agents are often considered the preserve of the super-rich, for whom surgically negotiating the very best price is not necessarily that important.  For buyers working under normal financial conditions, the savings of time, money and heartache that buying agents deliver can be hugely important - the difference between being able to afford and secure a property or not.


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