Personal session to talk about your move out of London.   


YOUR PERSONAL free session will last 30 minutes.

This is a one-on-one session for you to get personal advice and help with your move.

Subjects you can discuss might include:

  • How to decide where to live
  • What considerations are critical
  • Should you buy, sell or choose a school first
  • What pitfalls to avoid
  • How to make your money go further

Life After London has invited Stacks Property to host this event.

Stacks are a buying agent with offices all over the UK helping people find their perfect home.

17 May20 September
10 May11 October14 November

 I thoroughly enjoyed the event and would recommend it to friends.  It delivered what I was looking for and more.  Thank you for setting it all up – it is a useful exercise; especially for those who have not had much thinking time.

Stacks Property Search

Your session will be hosted by one of the buying agents for Stacks Property Search.

Search Agents like Stacks do an amazingly helpful job,  similar to Kirsty and Phil without the cameras. They seek out the best property for you, and help you step by step to secure your dream home.

At this meeting they will just be offering advice and ideas and discussing the issues effecting your move out of London.


It confirmed our choice of area but gave us food for thought on other things to consider.



I now feel clearer about my options and more inclined to take action rather than endlessly mulling it all over.


James was very easy to share ideas, imparted some valuable knowledge and we will certainly take him up on his offer to schedule another meeting once we are clearer on our situation.